AdDuplex Windows Phone Device Statistics Report–July, 2016

Was Windows 10 Mobile able to grow significantly? Is it growing evenly in all the countries? What is the most popular Windows phone out there? Do Windows enthusiasts use the same phones as the general public? Is there a country with only one Lumia in the top-5?

These are the questions we try to answer in the July edition of the AdDuplex Windows phone statistics report.

AdDuplex Windows Phone Device Statistics Report for April, 2016

The big change this month is that, after almost three years at the top (since July 2013), Lumia 520 is no longer the most popular Windows Phone device in use. That title now falls to the Lumia 535.

Windows 10 generation phones are still nowhere to be seen in the top 10 including such previous Windows Phone strongholds as Italy, Russia or India. The only bright spot is UK where Lumia 550 has gained some momentum.

In addition to the US we look in detail at the devices in use in the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Australia and India.

AdDuplex Windows Phone Device Statistics Report for March, 2016

The trends of the past few months continue and there are no major changes of note beyond an increase in the number of devices running Windows 10 Mobile.

In addition to our usual global and US specific figures, we also look at device usage in the Benelux nations, Finland, Poland, Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico.

With details about the devices which will officially be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile announced this month we’ve taken a look at what this means for potential market share changes and how many have already taken advantage of this.

AdDuplex Windows Phone Device Statistics Report for February, 2016

Welcome to our latest Windows Phone Device Statistics Report.

Windows 10 Mobile continues to grow in popularity but not to the extent we previously reported (unfortunately we have a correction to make regarding our OS version reports for the last few months. The figures we had for devices running Windows 10 Mobile incorrectly included some devices still running WP8.1).

In addition to the worldwide and US, we look at device usage in detail in the big EU5, Russia, India and Brazil.

And finally, we provide a raw list of Windows 10 Mobile phones that usually fall into the “Other” category.

AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report – different point of view


Our latest Windows Phone Device Statistics Report has attracted a lot of attention in media lately as AdDuplex was stated to be an oracle foreseeing sad future for Windows Phone. Although nothing super interesting was announced in our regular report, quite a few big media outlets managed to get some strange insights. Therefore, we decided to clarify a few things here… The journalist’s guide to reading tea leaves aka AdDuplex Windows Phone Stats is our guest post on Windows Central with a different point of view.

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