Introducing AdDuplex plugin for Unity

We’ve been supporting advertising in Unity games for years, but admittedly the integration process was not straightforward for non-Windows developers.  Having to edit XAML, code behind files and dealing with packages can become a burden for someone not familiar with Windows / Windows Phone native development.

To improve on that we’ve put together AdDuplex plugin for Unity games. It was designed to remove several steps in ad integration process and enable controlling everything from Unity editor. It offers a familiar approach to Unity developers – creating a banner is no different to creating any other object in the game, and manipulating its behavior is done through Inspector window and C# scripting.

AdDuplex plugin for Unity includes the following:

  • Support for AdDuplex banner and interstitial ads
  • Compatibility with WP8.1 XAML and Windows 10 builds
  • Logic that automatically defaults people to optimal ad experience
  • Sample project demonstrating integration

Getting started is very simple:

  1. Create your app and a banner or an interstitial ad unit in the AdDuplex client area .
  2. Download AdDuplex for Unity package and import it into your Unity project.
  3. In Unity create AdDuplexManagement object via GameObject -> Advertising -> AdDuplex.
  4. Fill in AdDuplexManagement inspector properties. Use ad unit credentials your created in Step 1.
  5. To show an interstitial ad fill in Interstitial ad AdUnitId in the AdDuplexManager game object and Call AdDuplexInterstitialAds.ShowInterstitialAd();
  6. Build the game while targeting Windows Store along with Universal 10 or Phone 8.1 SDK.


That’s it! If you have any questions, please email us at or just drop a comment below.