What You’ve Missed on AppBizDev Podcast Episodes 6 and 7


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OK, so if you’ve missed the last 2 episodes here’s what you’ve missed:

Episode 6 features an interview with Matt Lacey – the leader of THE Windows Phone User Group (based in London). Matt talks about what it takes to build a successful user group and how your local user group can help you be more successful as a developer both in terms of technology and business. Matt also talks about what it takes to run a UG and what benefits (in addition to the extra work) it brings.

Chanse Arrington joined us on the Episode 7. Chanse is a Head of Developer & Content Marketing and he talked about all of the programs Nokia runs to help Windows Phone developers be more successful in the Store. He also revealed a secret invite code for DVLUP program and we’ve shared a way to get 250,000 free impressions on AdDuplex. So, no excuses to skip this episode!

AppBizDev Interview with Elbert Perez


The last episode of AppBizDev podcast was recorded live at the BUILD conference in Redmond. It features a fresh interview with Elbert Perez. I’ve interviewed Elbert on this blog almost a year ago. A lot has changed in Windows Phone app business in general and in Elbert’s life in particular. Check it out to find out what’s new for yourself.

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Introducing AppBizDev Podcast


I’ve had this idea for a long time, but I know that I’m not the right person to do it. And then I thought the recruiting the right person would be much easier if I just do the pilot myself and set the bar really low 😉 So here we go…

AppBizDev is a bi-weekly podcast about Windows Phone and Windows 8 app marketing, funding and monetization, and we are looking for a lead host! Are you interested in app development business? Is English your native language? (let’s be honest, people can’t stomach 2 hosts like me 😉 Can you commit to spending an hour once every other week? If the answer is “yes”, then please get in touch at feedback@appbizdev.com

If hosting a podcast is not your cup of tea, but you are interested in creative ways to promote, monetize and fund your apps, subscribe to the podcast feed in your favorite podcast client and, please, do not hesitate to provide any feedback in the comments or via email or twitter.

Check out the first episode “The First and The Worst”.