Taking a Stance on App Legality and IP Protection

Since the very first day AdDuplex operated on the belief that it should be open to every app in the Windows [Phone] Store. Our motto was that if it’s good enough for the Store it is good enough for us. We have reasoned that the Store will take care of all the illegal content and it will automatically disappear from our network.

As time went by we experienced episodes where we had to fight various attempts to abuse our network and hurt the 99%+ of the honest developers using AdDuplex. It took us a while to realize that the correlation between those making apps for pirated movies and music and the ones trying to cheat on AdDuplex was very close to 1:1. So, we finally decided to take the stance on the subject and added this provision to our Terms of Service:

4.5. Without prior notice AdDuplex may suspend apps which at our sole discretion are considered as not complying with applicable laws, e.g. infringing intellectual property rights, personal rights, rights to privacy, data protection regulations, advertising regulations, etc. In such case no compensation of any kind will be granted to you. If you believe that AdDuplex suspended your app without a due reason, please provide us with all evidence at hand and we will reconsider suspension.

The decision to ban such apps will be subjective on our side and we will try to apply it with as much caution as possible. We will work with developers of “suspect” apps to minimize false positives to the best of our abilities. However, we believe that not letting cheaters onto the network in the first place, would be a net positive for the whole community.