Apply to AdDuplex monetization

We’ve been running AdDuplex monetization program in a strict invite-only mode for a while now and improving livelihoods of some Windows developers. This proved to be especially valuable since Microsoft has closed their own ad network. In the absence of any active and open ad network for Windows apps generating revenue became especially challenging for many free and freemium apps and games.

Unfortunately, the industry is not in a place that would let us (or others) help every single developer monetize their apps with ads. But we will try to get as close as possible.

Today we are dramatically simplifying the process of applying to monetize your Windows apps with AdDuplex.

Who can apply?

Your app has to satisfy a few simple criteria to be eligible:

  1. It’s a Windows 10 or 11 desktop app
  2. It has been participating in the AdDuplex cross-promotion for at least 2 weeks. If not, start participating now and get back here in a couple of weeks.
  3. The app is not primarily intended for “unattended” use (eg. sleep tracker, music player, etc.) or only shows ads in the interactive sections of the app.

That’s it. Just have your AdDuplex App Key handy and apply by clicking here. We will review your app within a week and will let you know if it’s accepted into the program.

About the program

Apps participating in the monetization program receive 50% of the revenue AdDuplex generates from displaying commercial ads within those apps. Payout options are PayPal ($100 threshold) or wire transfer ($500 threshold). Before you can receive a payout from the program you will have to provide the appropriate personal or company and tax information required by law.

If there’s no paid ad to show for a given user a cross-promotion ad will be shown and your app will receive a reciprocal ad displayed in other apps on the network at your standard AdDuplex exchange ratio that way keeping the overall fill-rate at virtually 100%.

Edit March 9th, 2023: adjusted revenue share

Monetize your Windows apps and games with AdDuplex

UPDATE: this information is obsolete now. Please read the current details.

From the early Windows [phone] app store days we have carved a niche for ourselves embodied in our “Advertise before you monetize” slogan. We believed that we can help app and game developers get to a point where monetization is feasible (for free), and then other ad networks can take over and help them make money from the same ad space. While we still believe in our mission, it’s the other side of the equation that seems severely lacking on Windows.

As I described in my post on the state of in-app advertising on Windows, there aren’t many ad monetization options available to Windows app and game developers. And that is a problem for those trying to make money in the Store. Additionally, it results in a serious issue for those trying to make money in other ways (in-app purchases, etc.) but depend on advertising to attract customers into their apps – there’s just no way to do user acquisition at scale on Windows.

So, we got tired of waiting for someone to bridge the gap and decided to take matters in our own hands…

Monetize apps with AdDuplex

We have been running a pilot of an ad monetization program with select apps for a few months now and it has been quite a success so far. Most apps and games in the pilot make thousands of dollars per month and advertisers got a way to extend their reach quite a bit. So we decided to extend the program to continue addressing both of the issues app developers and advertisers are facing.

That said, we want to do it gradually and the program will remain invite-only for some time. However, anyone can apply.

Here’s some of the criteria we will be considering:

  • Apps and games capable of showing 10,000+ ad impressions daily. The reason is simple – we want you to make at least few hundred dollars a month. We realize that you may have several smaller apps, so this criteria is not set in stone.
  • No “gray area” content. Some of the most popular apps, unfortunately, balance on the edge of legality and quite often cross over it. Advertisers don’t want to advertise there. We will not go deep analyzing whether what you do is legal or not, but if it feels questionable we will have to pass this time.
  • Good ad placement. This is subjective and you may not be showing ads right now at all, but we would like to provide value to advertisers, so they are happy to continue generating revenue for you.
  • Windows Phone 8 or Windows 10 (both Mobile and Desktop). As we want you to make money, we need to be realistic – there isn’t much demand on WP7 or Windows 8.x on the desktop.

Apply now

Ready to monetize your apps with AdDuplex? Apply here.

We will get back to you in a few business days with instructions on what to do next.