AppRaisin’s New and Rising Windows Apps and Games – February 2016

We have all heard about the infamous “app gap” problem on Windows. There are big name apps that are clearly missing, or not on par with the iOS and Android version. But at the same time there are as many that are available and as good, if not better, and there’s a sizeable indie app and game ecosystem that has a hard time being discovered.

This is what AppRaisin is for – helping you uncover the news about the best hidden gems on the platform (as well as well-known apps) and helping developers get their great apps and games discovered.


In addition to providing you with fresh news inside the app, we’ve decided to assemble an editorial collection of most notable news we have seen on the platform. This first monthly edition is done post-factum. So, some of the gems might have escaped our attention. We will try to compile the list for upcoming months “as we go”, to make sure that all the most interesting and important news are included.

The news items below are grouped in logical categories. Enjoy the great Windows apps that were active last month.


WhatsApp Slack Glide Specter

Messaging is one of the hottest categories in mobile right now and there was quite some movement in the area on Windows as well.

WhatsApp Beta was constantly updated while the name was changed to just WhatsApp. So it’s now quite hard to distinguish between the release version and the beta. Still, it is worth trying if you want to be on the bleeding edge of WhatsApp development. (Mobile only)

In case you are more into enterprise chat, check out the actively developed beta for Slack. (Mobile only)

More into video messaging? Glide – Video Chat Messenger was just released on Windows. Take it for a spin. (Mobile only)

When someone says “app gap” the first app that comes to mind is “Snapchat”. While we don’t have high hopes that it will be around for long, give Specter (a 3rd party Snapchat client) a try. It is reported to be pretty basic and raw, but, if you absolutely need to have Snapchat on Windows, that’s what you get. (Desktop and Mobile).

Travel and weather

HERE Maps Maps Edge Street 360 Airport Guides App in the Air Perfect Weather Universal

While built-in Maps app is adequate, many of us miss HERE Maps on our new shiny Windows 10 Mobile phones. While the version you find in the store declares that it’s incompatible, there’s another one that installs on the new Lumias just fine. We’ve seen a few stability issues with it, but overall it’s the familiar experience we like. (Mobile only)

In case you prefer Google Maps there’s a new Windows 10 app called Maps Edge (Desktop only) and on the mobile side we’ve discovered a pretty smooth Street View focused app called Street 360.

Traveling by air? Check out Airport Guides with terminal maps for 70+ airports. It’s not the best looking app, but could be really useful. (Desktop and Mobile)

On a prettier side you should definitely download App in the Air – your “personal flight concierge”. (Desktop and Mobile).

Care about the weather at your destination or your home town? Perfect Weather Universal is a beautiful and innovative weather app for Windows 10. (Desktop and Mobile).

Note taking and sketching

InstaNote Plumbago Bamboo Action Note

Microsoft was on a roll in February, releasing not one but two new note taking apps (in addition to updates for OneNote). The first one is a Microsoft Garage project called InstaNote. It’s a cool app that lets you record audio notes after you’ve heard something important and then transcribe it to text. (Desktop and Mobile)

In case you’re are more into taking notes and sketching with stylus, you will definitely enjoy Plumbago. This Microsoft Garage app features handwriting smoothing, realistic ink and more. (Desktop only)

Wacom has a sketching Windows app too. Bamboo Paper promises to transform your Windows tablet into a paper notebook. (Desktop only)

Let’s wrap the note taking section with a great innovative app that integrates your notes directly into the Action Center on Windows 10. Try Action Note to see for yourself. (Desktop and Mobile)


Evo ExploresWe promise to pay closer attention to games next month. For now check out Evo Explores. The game would probably remind you of some other well-known game (wink, wink), but is still a well-done way to spend some time bending your mind. (Desktop and Mobile)

News, Tools and more

Windows Central Artage Yummly AnTuTu Bluetooth Beacon Interactor

Windows Central has finally released their new universal app and it’s great. A must-have for all Windows enthusiasts. (Desktop and Mobile)

There are several third party DeviantArt apps on Windows, but the one that made waves on AppRaisin last month is called Artage. It’s a good looking universal app for good looking content. Try it! (Desktop and Mobile)

Like to cook? Yummly is a nice universal recipe app. Check it out for some yummy dishes. (Desktop and Mobile)

There was a lot of excitement in the AppRaisin comments about AnTuTu Benchmark v6 coming to Windows. The app got mixed reviews in the Store, but I guess it is important. (Mobile only)

Another tool that got a lot of attention is Bluetooth Beacon Interactor. As the name implies, it helps interact with Google’s Eddystone beacons as well as shows some basic info about Apple’s iBeacon. (Desktop and Mobile)

That’s it for the first installment of the new and rising apps. We will bring you more next month. But, obviously, the best way to discover new, best and rising apps for Windows is to download AppRaisin today.

Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #15

This is a list of top Windows Store app and game news from last seven days that you should know:

Day 99

OneNote | AppRaisin

Update: OneNote has a Windows 10 Update.

Day 100

Evo Explores | AppRaisin

Discover: Evo Explores – Beautiful Mind Twisting Game.

Day 101 | AppRaisin

Update: is making a new Universal APP.

Day 102

Perfect Weather Universal | AppRaisin

New Release: Perfect Weather Universal – new app from Perfect Thumb creator.

Day 103

Poki for Pocket | AppRaisin

Discover: Poki for Pocket – the best Pocket client.

Day 104

Cast | AppRaisin

Discover: Cast – Simple and Free Podcast App for Windows 10.

Day 105

Newsflow | AppRaisin

Update: Newsflow Win10 RSS reader got big update.

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Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #14 and Lumia 550 to give away

Below you will find our regular list of top raised app and game news that were published on AppRaisin during the last week.

And be sure to check them all because in the end you will find out how to win Lumia 550!

Day 92

freda | AppRaisin

Price Drop: freda+ ebook reader now it’s free to download.

Day 93

Wodel | AppRaisin

New Release: Wodel – unofficial Jodel client on W10M.

Day 94

Todoist | AppRaisin

Discover: Todoist Preview finally available for Windows 10 Mobile.

Day 95

MSN Weather | AppRaisin

Update: MSN Weather Updates on Mobile.

Day 96

Vine | AppRaisin

Update: New version of Vine app.

Day 97

MSPoweruser | AppRaisin

Update: WMPoweruser changed to MSPoweruser with enhancement.

Day 98

Windows Central | AppRaisin

Update: Windows Central got update.

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Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #13

We’ve listed top raised app and game news from past 7 days that were published on AppRaisin and it seems that last week was a week of updates. Check it out:

Day 85

AnTuTu | AppRaisin

Update: AnTuTu Benchmark v6 updated.

Day 86

WhatsApp | AppRaisin

Update: WhatsApp on Windows 10 grabs an update.

Day 87

Candy Crush Jelly Saga | AppRaisin

Update: Candy Crush Jelly Saga updated before iOS, Android.

Day 88

Duolingo | AppRaisin

Update: Duolingo – Learn Languages Stability Improvements.

Day 89

Action Note | AppRaisin

Update: Action Note (W10M) a great productive app!!

Day 90

Hulu | AppRaisin

Update: Hulu launches a new Universal App for W10.

Day 91

Windows Alarms & Clock | AppRaisin

Update: Windows Alarms & Clock updated.


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Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #12

Here is the list of Windows Store apps and games that got most of the attention on AppRaisin during the last week:

Day 78

WhatsApp | AppRaisin

Update: WhatsApp – No official changelog but emoji UI is one of the observable changes.

Day 79

Traffic Rider | AppRaisin

New Release: Traffic Rider – Now on Windows Phone.

Day 80

6tag | AppRaisin

Update: 6tag picks up an update.

Day 81

Microsoft Photos | AppRaisin

Update: Microsoft Photos updated.

Day 82

Groove Music | AppRaisin

Update: Groove Music updated.

Day 83

Aeries | AppRaisin

Update: Aeries for Twitter Gets a Major Update with New Login Experience and More.

Day 84

Polarr Photo Editor Lite | AppRaisin

New Release: Polarr Photo Editor Lite – From the creators of the App Store’s “Best of 2015” iOS app, Polarr.

Some more news! AppRaisin got an update too: Most requested feature – Comments for App News has just arrived. So let’s unleash the power of community and discuss about our favorite apps and games. Moreover, Live Tile just got transparent, so you can easily pin it to your Start Screen.

AppRaisin Updated

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Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #11

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And below you’ll find the most popular apps and games from last week:

Day 71

Wikipedia | AppRaisin

Discover: Official Wikipedia app

Day 72

Windows Insider | AppRaisin

Update: Windows Insider – Update to show Production

Day 73

Ringtone Maker Beta | AppRaisin

Discover: Ringtone Maker Beta – Windows 10 version of ringtone making

Day 74

Rise Of The Tomb Raider | AppRaisin

New Release: Rise Of The Tomb Raider hits Windows Store with 10% off

Day 75

Save HTML in Edge | AppRaisin

New Release: Save HTML in Microsoft Edge

Day 76

Fenice for Twitter | AppRaisin

Update: Fenice for Twitter is now with Windows Hello

Day 77

Colibri | AppRaisin

New Release: Colibri – messenger application from the creator of moodflow and meridian apps

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Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #10

Welcome to our regular blog post stating top raised app and game news that were published on AppRaisin recently. It happened so that this time we’ve listed the most popular apps from past two weeks (next week we’ll get back to our regular weekly report). So scroll down and see what captured most of AppRaisin community attention:


Week #9

Day 57

Facebook beta | AppRaisin

Update: Facebook (beta) For Windows 10 Mobile updated!

Day 58

Microsoft Remote Desktop | AppRaisin

Update: Remote Desktop Preview with Continuum support is now available

Day 59

Facebook | AppRaisin

Update: Facebook updated

Day 60

myAppFree | AppRaisin

Discover: myAppFree – Gives you free games and apps

Day 61

6tin | AppRaisin

Update: 6tin gets a big 3.0 rewrite to support Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Day 62

Converge | AppRaisin

Discover: Converge – Best app for tech news

Day 63

6tag | AppRaisin

Update: 6tag update

Week #10

And here are the most popular app news that happened during the last week:

Day 64

WhatsApp | AppRaisin

Price Drop: WhatsApp – No subcribition fees now on

Day 65

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor | AppRaisin

Discover: Xodo PDF Reader & Editor – Awesome PDF editor!

Day 66

Troubles Land | AppRaisin

Discover: Windows exclusive platformer by developers of super hit game ‘Grimbo’

Day 67

HERE Drive+ | AppRaisin

Update: HERE Drive available again

Day 68

OneDrive | AppRaisin

Update: OneDrive Updated

Day 69

Store | AppRaisin

Update: Store App Updated

Day 70

HERE Maps | AppRaisin

Update: Here maps

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Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #8

Below you will find the list of Windows Store apps and games that got the most of the attention on AppRaisin during the 8th week since it went live. Do you find any of your favorites?

Day 50

Word Mobile | AppRaisin

Update: Office collection update

Day 51

myTube! | AppRaisin

Update: myTube! Updated

Day 52

Candy Crush Jelly Saga | AppRaisin

New Release: Candy Crush Jelly Saga – A new game from

Day 53

musiXmatch lyrics player | AppRaisin

Discover: musiXmatch lyrics player – a great lyrics app

Day 54

SpotBright | AppRaisin

New Release: SpotBright – Possibly first app for Windows Spotlight backgrounds

Day 55

WMPoweruser | AppRaisin

Update: WMPoweruser – New UI

Day 56

Panzer Geekz | AppRaisin

New Release: Panzer Geekz – new xbox live title

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Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #7

AppRaisin app is here to make sure you get the most relevant and necessary information about what is happening in Windows Store app and game market. And in case you’ve missed it, here is the list of apps that were trending during the last week:

Day 43

Windows Alarms & Clock | AppRaisin

Update: Windows Alarms & Clock update

Day 44

PicsArt | AppRaisin

Update: PicsArt – Photo Studio update

Day 45

Amazon Kindle | AppRaisin

Discover: Amazon Kindle needs update

Day 46

Runtastic PRO | AppRaisin

Price Drop: Runtastic PRO goes free today

Day 47

Fused | AppRaisin

Update: Fused: Double Exposure, Video and Photo Blender – all the way from Android

Day 48

Camera360 Sight | AppRaisin

Discover: Camera360 Sight – best free camera app for Windows Phone

Day 49

Telegram Messenger | AppRaisin

Update: Telegram Messenger gets new update

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Top Windows Store apps and games of 2015

TOP apps | AppRaisin

Welcome to 2016! We hope that you are as excited as we are to see what the new year will bring. But before that, let’s see what has happened in the Windows app market during 2015 and what app and game news caught most of the attention.

Today we’ve listed top 10 apps and top 10 games on Windows Store that AppRaisin users “raised” the most during 2015.


TOP 10 apps:

1. 6tag – the most full featured Instagram app for Windows Phone.

2. myTube! – the most unique YouTube experience, anywhere.

3. Figure – make music in seconds. Share, remix and collaborate with music makers all over the world.

4. Uber – get a reliable ride in minutes with the Uber app: no reservations or waiting in taxi lines.

5. WhatsApp is a messaging app available for Windows Phone and other smartphones.

6. Facebook – keeping up with friends is faster than ever. See what friends are up to, share updates, photos, and videos, and get notified when friends like and comment on your posts.

7. Netflix – the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies. Get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership and you can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies.

8. TuneIn Radio – listen to the world’s largest collection of radio stations on your Windows 10 device, absolutely free. TuneIn has all of the best sports, news, music and talk radio as well as top podcasts.

9. Saavn Music & Radio – Saavn is unlimited, free access to all your Bollywood, English*, Hindi, and Indian regional songs, music, and radio stations – wherever you go.

10. TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants – millions of traveller reviews, photos and maps from TripAdvisor. Book your best trip, every trip.


TOP 10 games:

1. World of Tanks Blitz is a free-to-play mobile MMO action game brought to you by Wargaming, the award-winning online game developer and publisher of World of Tanks, the smash hit PC game now with over 110 million players worldwide!

2. TWO DOTS – the makers of the hit game Dots are back with a brand new, addictive, free puzzle game for Windows 10!

3. Sniper Fury – the time for diplomacy is gone. We are calling for the best sniper in the world to join us as we take aim at evil, wherever it hides.

4. Age of Empires®: Castle Siege invites you to guide your empire through the Medieval Era on your Windows PC or touch screen device.

5. Elements: Epic Heroes – the dark forces have taken control over the realm! Lead the epic heroes to defeat the Dark Lord and clear the darkness from the world!

6. Minecraft: Story Mode – A Telltale Games Series – in this five part episodic series, you’ll embark on a perilous adventure across the Overworld, through the Nether, to the End, and beyond.

7. Dark★Star is an epic arcade shoot-em-up in deepest, darkest space.

8. King of Thieves – Dodge traps and steal gold from other players in this unique mix of platformer and PVP multiplayer game.

9. Candy Crush Soda Saga is the latest game from the makers of the legendary Candy Crush Saga.

10. Asphalt 8: Airborne – the best arcade racing game series reaches a new turning point! Perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts in an intense driving experience powered by a brand-new physics engine!


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