Getting the most from your Windows 10 app marketing


Everyone knows that “build it and they will come” is a myth, but quite often we choose to believe in it. Either because of time constraints, lack of skills or just because marketing side of app development is of no interest to us. Whether you like it or not, you will have to invest your time and, likely, money into making your app or game a success post release.

Here are a few points to keep in mind to make the most of your marketing and user acquisition efforts.

Define your goals and know your budget

What are you trying to do? Do you want to make a splash and get up the charts quickly? Plan to spend a lot of time/money in a short period of time and focus on key (and achievable) markets. Do you want to ensure a constant stream of new users at an optimal price? Prepare to invest time and money long-term and constantly optimize your efforts.

In short, your goals define your activities and your activities should always be checked against your goals.

Track attribution

Since Windows 10 was released Windows Store lets you track the effectiveness of your external marketing activities. This can be achieved by appending a parameter called CID (short for campaign ID) to your store URL.

For example, a canonical URL to our app AppRaisin is

If I modify it to look like this I will be able to track all installs of the app originating from this blog post. I can see these stats by going to my Dev Center account –> App –> Analytics –> Channels and conversions –> Conversions breakdown by campaign ID:


You can track effectiveness of your efforts and see how many downloads and in-app purchases they lead to.

To go a step further, you can extract campaign id for each install from the code of your app and use it to analyze effectiveness of your efforts deeper. Whatever the metric that you care about the most, you can associate it with a user acquisition channel this way. See documentation for details on how to handle this.

Alternatively, if you want a third party to provide unbiased attribution statistics or, if you want to use the same tool across platforms, check out solutions like Kochava.

Test your creatives and ad copy

Contrary to what you make think, the most beautiful or the clearest ad copy is not always the most effective. That’s why, before you spend serious money on advertising, try spending a fraction of it on figuring the most effective creatives.

Keep in mind that for each channel and each goal a winning copy might be different. For example, if one channel charges you for ad impressions and the other channel charges you for clicks, two banners may produce opposite results in each case.

Here’s an example from an early campaign we did for AppRaisin:


From the same number of impressions banner on the left produced 1.5x more installs than the one on the right. So, if we were paying for impressions it would get us the same results 1.5x cheaper.

However, if we were paying for clicks, the one on the right would get us users at almost half the price of the one on the left.

Target as narrowly as you can afford

Your initial instinct would tell you to cover all of the users you care about with as wide a net as possible (aka your marketing campaign). While this will let you quickly get back to other activities, this approach is likely to be not very effective.

Say, you care about English-speaking users only. So you decided to target users from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. If you lump them all together you lose control over each country individually. It could be that the price you are willing to pay is not enough to outbid competitors in US, but enough to cover all other countries. Your campaign is running, your budgets are fulfilled, but you are not getting any US users. On the other hand, if you bid enough to get US users you will likely overpay for the ones from, say, Ireland.

So, for as long as you can afford to invest your time into managing multiple campaigns, try to target them as narrowly as possible. This way you retain control over results and can optimize your ROI.


Optimizing user acquisition efforts is an occupation in itself. It is not easy, but Windows 10, Windows Store and 3rd parties provide you with enough tools to make it manageable.

Still confused or don’t have time to deal with this? Contact us at and we will help.

Support for Xbox One is here!


We are happy to announce that you can now use AdDuplex to cross-promote your Windows 10 UWP apps on Xbox One. This means that AdDuplex SDK v.10.1 (or newer) now supports apps running on Xbox One natively – including controller support for ad selection (clicking) and interstitial dismissal.

How do I start promoting my app on Xbox One for free?

For Universal Windows apps that are already participating in the AdDuplex cross-promotion network, enabling Xbox One support is as easy as making sure your app runs AdDuplex SDK v.10.1 or newer and checking one checkbox in app details under Device Family:


Those wishing to add a new app with Xbox support (or to separate Xbox One version of the app from other device families) will have to create a new app record on AdDuplex, select Windows 10 as app platform and Xbox as supported Device family:



What about campaigns?

While our ad inventory on Xbox One is ramping up we will not provide a publicly accessible way for paying advertisers to advertise on Xbox One. However, we understand that holiday season is an important opportunity to promote your app to the new Xbox One users. So, if you’re interested in advertising on Xbox One right away, please, contact us at and we will be happy to assist.

Spend less on advertising Windows apps and get a 50% bonus for life!

You’ve asked us to make paid promotion of your apps more affordable and help you keep your campaigns running without interruption. And we are happy to comply!

From now on you can spend as little as $50 on your campaigns and, if you pay with a credit card, we can keep your campaigns running until you decide to stop them.


Keep “Interrupt my campaigns when credits end” unchecked during your initial order, and we will recharge your credit card automatically approximately 2 days before you run out of credits. The amount of the charge is automatically calculated based on your campaign spending over a couple of recent days. Based on that number we will charge just enough to keep your campaigns active for another week (min. $50, max. $10,000).

You can always stop the automatic recharging by unchecking a single checkbox in your billing page.

Get a 50% bonus for life!*


Reload your account until the end of September, 2016, use bonus code RCLA-9PEF31 at checkout, and get a 50% bonus each time your credit card is recharged. Don’t miss this opportunity. Promote your apps now!

* – The code is valid for the initial charge even if you opt-out of auto renewal, but it’s only valid for subsequent automatic charges (can’t be used for manual purchases after October 1st).

Use your AdDuplex balance to advertise on AppRaisin Spotlight

It is very important to use combined marketing strategies to gain new users for your apps and games. So from now on you are able to use your AdDuplex balance to promote your app on AppRaisin too.

AppRaisin is a leading source of news, updates, deals and discoveries for Windows Store apps and games. And you can boost your app downloads by putting your app on AppRaisin Spotlight, on top of all the hottest Windows Store app news.

Simply go to AdDuplex client area and submit your app for AppRaisin Spotlight. Note that, if approved, the funds will be automatically deducted from your AdDuplex balance.

AppRaisin Spotlight

And for those who still doesn’t have any credits on AdDuplex account – here are few easy steps to get your news in the Spotlight :

  1. Post a news about your App or Game on AppRaisin;
  2. Press “Promote” from within the news article;
  3. Choose a period your news will be promoted in Spotlight;
  4. Pay via Windows Store In-App purchases;
  5. Your news will be promoted in Spotlight for a selected period of time.

Promote your apps now! Submit it for AppRaisin Spotlight on AdDuplex or download AppRaisin app and share some hot news about your apps and games.

AppRaisin is now accessible to Windows Phone 8 and non-Windows users


AppRaisin is a community-driven Windows 10 UWP app that enables users to discover the top of the crop app and game releases and updates from the Windows Store.

One of the big requests for AppRaisin team was the support for Windows Phone 8 devices. But since it’s pretty hard to scale down the UWP app we carried out another way to expand the reach and released a mobile web version of AppRaisin service instead. Currently it is in read-only mode, but still it enables a large number of WP8 and non-Windows users to keep up with the latest Windows Store app and game news around the world.

AppRaisin Web

So jump to and pin it to your start screen –> explore what’s new and hot in Windows Store for Apps & Games!

App Feature Wish List Contest. Powered by AppStretch

App Feature Wish List

The idea of AppStretch is to help developers collect feature requests from their true app and game fans and enable them to support the realization of the features the users want through crowdfunding and crowdpromotion.

To encourages app and game users (and developers) to share their favorite app feature ideas, AppStretch launched a publication on Medium “App Feature Wish List”. This publication is a set of articles published by actual app users, explaining why the particular app or game is cool and what features, in their opinion,  would make it even better.

Moreover, everyone who publish their article to “App Feature Wish List” publication until August 31st, 2016, will get a chance to win Microsoft Lumia 950, iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S7!

Is there any app features that you miss? Share your story — tell your ideas and help the developers realize it.

The main information that your story should include to participate the sweepstakes is:

  1. What do you like about the particular app and how do you use it on your daily bases?
  2. What features do you miss and why do you think it would make the app even more effective and useful?
  3. Share your feature requests on AppStretch and link it in the story.

More information about the “App Feature Wish List” publication and official contest rules are here.

Get a gift of $200 to promote your Windows 10 apps!

Special Bonus June

This week only, to help you boost your Windows 10 apps, AdDuplex offers a special Kick off package ($200) and gives you 100% bonus on it! To take advantage of this bonus, jump straight to AdDuplex client area, purchase your $200 promotion package and we will credit Twice As Much to your AdDuplex account!

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Sponsored slots in AppRaisin Spotlight with a special offer till the end of June!

AppRaisin Spotlight

Developers publishing their app news on AppRaisin now have an easy way to give it even more exposure to the community by promoting news to AppRaisin Spotlight section.

Spotlight is a live section with hand-picked Featured news and now paid Sponsored slots. All the news from Spotlight are rotated in the second slot of Rising and Latest lists with particular labels.

AppRaisin Spotlight

AppRaisin offers to promote your app or game news for :

  • 1 day (for $49.99) – give your app a good boost so it continues to rise organically.
  • 3 days (with a special offer till the end of June $55.00 (45% off) – optimal value – expose your app to the core of the AppRaisin community.
  • 7 days (for $149.99) – make sure that the majority of the AppRaisin users see your app.

Here are few easy steps to get your news in Spotlight:

  1. Post a news about your App or Game on AppRaisin;
  2. Press “Promote” from within the news article;
  3. Choose a period your news will be promoted in Spotlight;
  4. Pay via Windows Store In-App purchases;
  5. Your news will be promoted in Spotlight for a selected period.

Go to AppRaisin and promote your apps and games now!

Funding and an ultimate laptop for your app ideas


Few days ago AppStretch went live! This new innovative platform enables developers to improve and monetize their apps and games with the help of users.

The greatness of AppStretch is that it will help you collect feature requests from true fans of your apps and enable them to help you deliver the features they want through crowdfunding and crowdpromotion support (you can read more about it here).

MacBook Pro or Surface Book to give away!

Another good news is that if you add your app or game to AppStretch and verify ownership before July 1st, you will participate in the drawing to get one of the super developer devices listed above!

And if you verify your app before June 1st your first crowdfunding campaign will be commission free.

Contest details and official rules are available here.

Let your loyal fans help you grow your app business now and win an ultimate developer laptop!