Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #6

For those who want to catch up with what has happened in Windows Store during the last week here’s the list of top apps acknowledged by AppRaisin community:

Day 36

Bookviser | AppRaisin

Discover: Bookviser Reader Premium – One of the Best epub Reader

Day 37

Device Diagnostics HUB | AppRaisin

New Release: Device Diagnostics HUB – Task Manager for Phone

Day 38

Gadgets | AppRaisin

Update: Gadgets app updated

Day 39

myTube! | AppRaisin

Price Drop: myTube! Youtube app got free

Day 40

Saavn | AppRaisin

Update: Saavn Music & Radio updated to 1.1.2

Day 41

Note X | AppRaisin

Price Drop: Note X – 24 hours left to Remove the Ad for FREE!

Day 42

Outlook | AppRaisin

Update: Outlook Mail and Calendar updated with bug fixes

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Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #5


Plenty of Windows app news are being published every day as there’s a lot of going on out there. While on AppRaisin you get the news that community decided it is worth spreading.

It’s important to mention that recently AppRaisin got its second update with possibility to edit user profile and see who has raised news articles together with various improvements and bug fixes (click here to download the AppRaisin app).

And here is our weekly list of the most popular Windows apps and games over the last week:

Day 29

WinBeta Reader | AppRaisin

New Release: Read WinBeta without distraction (unofficial)

Day 30

World of Tanks Blitz | AppRaisin

New Release: World of Tanks Blitz – Finally WoT Blitz available now on Windows 10!

Day 31

Windows Store | AppRaisin

Update: Store for Windows 10 & Windows 10 Mobile updated.

Day 32

Equalizer | AppRaisin

Update: Audio changed name to Equalizer

Day 33

Deals Hub | AppRaisin

New Release: Deals Hub – Microsoft’s deals app

Day 34

Brilli Walpaper Changer | AppRaisin

Discover: Brilli Walpaper Changer – Start, Desktop & Lockscreen – This app is amazing

Day 35

Windows Central | AppRaisin

Price drop: Official Windows Central app is now free!!!

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Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #4

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And here are the top news from last week:

Day 22AppRaisin news
Update: Uber finally Updated for Windows10 as UWP

Day 23

AppRaisin news

Discover: Bizview is a Universal App for Google Analytics

Day 24

AppRaisin news

Update: Groove Music – Big update to Grove music

Day 25

AppRaisin news

Price Drop: Lines the game FREE as myAppFree deal

Day 26AppRaisin news
Price Drop: Briquid mini is FREE as myAppFree deal

Day 27
AppRaisin newsPrice Drop: The Last Door: Collector’s Edition – Free Today – Crazy Weekend

Day 28AppRaisin news
New Release: The Wall Street Journal – Completely redone as Windows 10 UWP

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Which of the news caught the most of your attention?

Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #3

Are you aware of the latest Windows app and game news?

No problem… We have collected top raised apps and games on AppRaisin and here’s what caught most of the attention during the last week:

Day 15


Update: Facebook Beta for Windows Mobile updated to version 10.1


Day 16


Update: WhatsApp updated with new camera UI and starred messages

Day 17


Update: TuneIn is now universal

Day 18


Discover: Xodo – Powerful pdf reader and editor

Day 19


Update: Saavn music & radio now supports win 10 mobile. New universal app updated to 1.1 version

Day 20


Discover: 6tag – Best application for Instagram

Day 21


Discover: WMPoweruser – All Windows news can get from this Application

And of course we are taking the advantage of the opportunity to note that just a few days ago we’ve released a 1.2 version of AppRaisin app. The update includes Live Tile support, different News types, Submitter information, help and other improvements for a better experience. So click here and download AppRaisin now.


AppRaisin gets a Live Tile, News types and more in v.1.2


We have just released a new version of AppRaisin – version 1.2. Here’s what’s new:

  • Pin AppRaisin to your start screen and get an update on the top app news with just a glance at our new Live Tile;
  • Each news item is now classified as either a New release, Update, Price drop or Discover (just an app recommendation from the fellow community members);
  • Now you can see who posted the news;
  • In case you have questions about AppRaisin and how it works – check out the help section in the About dialog;
  • Error messages are improved with more details. This will hopefully help us eliminate bugs faster;
  • Some users were getting a blank screen after posting news via sharing from the Store – this is now fixed;
  • Other minor improvements, UI tweaks and under the hood optimizations.

Hopefully by the time you read this you’ve already received this new version automagically. Otherwise hit “Check for updates” in the Store app, or follow this direct link and hit update.

Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #2

Hot air balloon flight view from below

Second week passed and we are happy to see more and more new users actively joining AppRaisin. With all the feedback that we’ve received we are now improving your experience. So stay tuned because an update is coming soon.

And this is our regular blog post covering the most popular news over the last week. Here is the list:

Day 8


myTube a popular YouTube client gets a huge update for Windows Phone/ Windows 10 Mobile/ Desktop

Day 9


Baconit gets 4.1.12 update with new features, like Quick search, Image saving, optimizations and fixes

Day 10


DailyPic – The best app to automatically save pictures from Bing

Day 11


Torrex Pro – best Torrent Client for Windows 10

Day 12


Tubecast for YouTube – Best YouTube App for WP

Day 13


Twittone – New Twitter Client Beta

Day 14


Lear C++ Pro – Useful app to learn C++

These where the most popular news of last week. Download AppRaisin app and be sure you keep up with the latest Windows app and game updates and releases as it happen. You can also follow us on Twitter @AppRaisinHQ to get daily top “raised” news.

Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #1


Thank you, thank you, thank you! We’ve received a tremendously positive response from both Windows enthusiasts and media for the launch of AppRaisin. Your rave reviews inspire us, your feedback helps us fix a few quirks that prevent you from enjoying the app to the fullest and prioritize future development. New release is just around the corner.

With this post we are starting a regular series to highlight the top “raised” apps and games on AppRaisin over the last week. Below and every week you will find a list of 7 app news that were most welcome by the ever growing AppRaisin community. So here goes:


Day 1


Todoist Preview for Windows 10

Day 2


Sengoku Jidai: Free for the rest of the month for Windows 10 users only!

Day 3


Nextgen Reader

Day 4


Sapphire. : Native tumblr client

Day 5


Game Troopers releases Equalicious, a unique maths game for Windows Phone

Day 6


Perfect Tube for YouTube

Day 7


Official SHAREit app now available for Windows Phone

That’s it for this week. Download AppRaisin to get all the best apps as the news come in. Follow @AppRaisinHQ on Twitter to get updates about the top rising apps daily. Or just come back here next week for another portion of top app news of the week.

Introducing AppRaisin – a new discovery service for Windows apps

AdDuplex is all about empowering indie Windows developers and today we are happy to unveil the next step in our quest to do just that. Please welcome AppRaisin – a mobile-first service aimed at solving the biggest problem in modern app stores – app discovery. AppRaisin helps Windows enthusiasts stay on top of the latest releases, major updates and special offerings, while, at the same time, helping independent developers like yourself get much needed exposure to potential customers.

Users decide what news rise to the top by “raising” the apps they like and ignoring the noise. This way enthusiasts get to make sure that top of the crop apps get the attention they deserve and less active users get a curated list of just the best app news.

The system works similar to other social news sites like Digg, Reddit, Hacker News or Product Hunt – developers and enthusiasts post latest app news while wider community votes on them to raise the most noteworthy items up the chart. The rank of each item is based on multiple parameters including time – meaning that fresher news raise to the top while older favorites gradually slide down. This way users get a constantly fresh, curated list of new apps and important updates and your indie apps and games get a chance to rise above the corporate behemoths occupying official store charts.

Today we are releasing the first public version of the app on both Windows 10 Desktop and Mobile (it’s a Universal Windows App). This release includes basic functionality enabling news submission, rating, sharing and more. A bunch of new features is underway, including more social stuff like user pages, comments and other, but the very core that should bring back the joy of discovering great new apps and games is already there.

You can also follow us on Twitter at @AppRaisinHQ like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter at to get the latest gems discovered on AppRaisin and news about the app itself.
And, please, help us spread the word by sharing AppRaisin with your friends on social media and offline. Thank you very much!

6 marketing mistakes you should avoid to grow your Windows Store apps faster


You have probably developed a beautiful and very promising app, right? However, it doesn’t guarantee you success. As an indie app developer you will find (if not yet) that getting users for your apps is the biggest struggle of all.

Let’s face the fact that bad marketing is the most common reason why even great apps cannot reach users’ hearts. Furthermore it can even kill your app stone-dead.

After several years of working with thousands of different Windows Phone and Windows Store apps and games we have defined the main reasons why apps usually fail to get popular.

Assuming that people will look for your app

The sad truth is that they won’t. If not as a developer then at least as a mobile app user you can probably assume the incredibly huge amount of apps available in the store. So you can’t just carelessly throw it to the world. You must invest quite some time and energy to outrun the competitors and get your app to the top.

Not using ASO (App Store Optimization)

When your app is ready to go, you want to be sure people will find it on the app store. Latest researches show that most apps are found through app store searches which makes it the most common method to discover new cool apps. But to be in front of those other hundreds of thousands of apps on the store, might be a challenge.

ASO is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in the app store. This means that your task is to get the best search ranking possible by choosing the right name for your app, defining relevant keywords, collecting good app rating and reviews, etc. So do some sincere work here.

Not having a marketing plan

Having a marketing plan is as much important as the marketing itself. Take some time and think of the main things you have to prepare before and after the public launch of your new app. List the main marketing channels, prepare different type of messages, set clever deadlines for your actions, etc.

Great news: once you do the job and prepare your own precise marketing plan, you can improve and adapt it for all other apps you will build in the future.

Not defining your key marketing channels

There are so many different channels and strategies to use for any kind of promotion. But trying to cover too much or using those strategies in a wrong way might not have any effect at all. Therefore you must be sure to pay attention and focus only on those tools that most likely will help you reach your target audience.

To get your work easier we have listed 5 main marketing strategies in our earlier blog post that every indie app developer should definitely consider to use. In fact these are the most budget-friendly ones.

5 tips to boost your app downloads on Windows Store (without spending a fortune)

Marketing your app only after its launch

If you want your app to be a success after the launch then don’t forget to raise its awareness even before the public launch date. Be creative: spread the word through your social media channels, email your contact base, post some teasers to engage your potential users and get them curious.

Launching your new app without beta testing

You can make your first impression only once. So do your best to make it great! Although your app does work properly on your device, let others test it. I can assure that some crashes, bugs or user experience problems will come up. Beta testers will surely make your app better.

People are excited to be the first ones that get to try something new. They want to feel as they are a part of creation and love when their opinion is important. Actually, beta testers might even become the biggest fans and word spreaders for your great app!

However, be sure to react only to objective feedback, to launch your app in its perfect condition.


Choose the right marketing strategies and adapt it wisely. It might be time consuming but in the end, with the right amount of dedication and a bit of success, the rewards can be endless!

5 Tips to boost your app downloads on Windows Store (without spending a fortune)

app marketingMost of the indie app developers these days know how to build beautiful apps with a great experience for their users. What they don’t know and lack skills at is bringing the consistent flow of users who could actually enjoy those apps.

We are listing a few top strategies that don’t require a huge monetary investment and can actually help you attract those precious users.

Social networking

All social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) are full of groups / channels dedicated to Windows Store app development and sometimes discovery. Putting some time and effort to spread the word about your app could give you a big user boost for a couple of days or even weeks if you are lucky. Try posting in and Tweeting with as many relevant groups / hashtags to make the social networking work for you.

Quick tip: The key is to make it as not spammy as possible. Try posting it as a personal recommendation or as a very honest invitation to try out your new project.

Ad campaigns

Buying ads is a very straightforward and usually expensive user acquisition strategy. But even though attracting users through ad campaigns might be a pretty costly way it is also the most consistent one. If you spend enough time to find the right target audience, investing a couple hundred of dollars every month could help you keep a steady user flow coming to your app. With the right in-app referral strategy you can make these campaigns work very well for you.

Quick tip: AdDuplex is one of the best solutions for running UA campaigns for Windows Store apps. It has a self-service client area allowing you to control and track spending, performance and other metrics of your campaign.

App discovery

It’s no secret that getting featured on official Windows Store is one of the best ways to have a blast in terms of user-base. No secret again: for most of the app developers getting that feature slot is mission impossible (especially in the major markets like US).

The good news is that Windows Store has a couple of brilliant third party app discovery platforms that have a very similar effect to being featured on the actual store. The app discovery platforms are an app based communities featuring the new high-quality apps (usually with a limited time discount or free IAPs) to their large user base. Being featured in one or a couple of these communities can give a fast and very effective boost to your app installs.

Quick tip: AppDeals and myAppFree are the two largest app discovery platforms for Windows Store apps and they are always willing to help their fellow developers.


Media is the king of user acquisition – no matter what industry or what kind of product. For Windows Store apps getting covered by a news site is a brilliant way to bring both: direct users and a chance to create a viral effect that could take your user acquisition through the roof.

Even though you probably won’t get covered by TechCrunch in most cases, there’s a plenty of Windows app related news sites (Windows Central being the largest of all).

Contacting the editor teams with a great headline for the article, after you have freshly released an app or an update, gives you good chances of actually being covered by those guys. Eventually this may pay out with a massive success!

Quick tip: There are tons of local Windows App community news sites that are very popular in countries like Italy, Germany, India, Iran and basically every corner of the earth. Contacting more than a single media source will probably bring you fortune.


This one works only for non-ad allergic devs. And it works as simple as that: you promote other apps or games inside of your app while for exchange you receive free advertising in those apps / games that you promote.

There are three main strategies for cross-promoting:

  • House ads. Showing house ads means that you will promote your new titles inside the older ones that already have some kind of a user-base. This strategy works pretty well in most cases because the users are already familiar (and presumably happy) with your products.
  • Direct partnerships. If you are close to other successful Windows app developers you can always offer them a partnership opportunity to cross-promote each other’s apps. This way you will both get a chance to grow free of charge.
  • Joining a cross-promotion platform. For those who want to target a large worldwide audience, the best strategy for CP is joining a cross-promotion network. In most cases it will provide you with all the tools for setting up the whole thing and in the later stages tracking the process and performance. The best thing is that it will open up doors to being promoted in thousands of different apps that will lead to a global app growth.

Quick tip: AdDuplex is definitely the largest cross-promotion network for Windows Store apps. It is very easy to join the network and only takes minutes of work to start cross-promoting with other app developers.


Joining all these strategies can be a very powerful tool for promoting your app, the key is to be consistent and of course to provide the best user experience to anyone who actually gets to download your app, because word of mouth is above all. Have a fun time growing your apps!

Must know

AdDuplex has recently launched a new developer benefits program HERO APPS. The program is aimed at helping developers to boost their apps and provides them with a free access to various marketing tools and resources, contributing to their app growth and success on the Windows Store platforms.

The benefits include $50-500 credits to run ad campaigns on AdDuplex, free feature campaigns on AppDeals and myAppFree and finally a cover article on Windows Central.

So if you are actually looking for a way to kick off your app, don’t hesitate and join the program.

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