AppRaisin is now accessible to Windows Phone 8 and non-Windows users


AppRaisin is a community-driven Windows 10 UWP app that enables users to discover the top of the crop app and game releases and updates from the Windows Store.

One of the big requests for AppRaisin team was the support for Windows Phone 8 devices. But since it’s pretty hard to scale down the UWP app we carried out another way to expand the reach and released a mobile web version of AppRaisin service instead. Currently it is in read-only mode, but still it enables a large number of WP8 and non-Windows users to keep up with the latest Windows Store app and game news around the world.

AppRaisin Web

So jump to and pin it to your start screen –> explore what’s new and hot in Windows Store for Apps & Games!

App Recommendations Of The Week

AppRaisin Recommends:


MyerSplash is a smooth and simple app that provides an easy and comfortable way to browse the amazing photos from Unsplash website and you can even download it. Get the app here.



GeoPhoto is a nice app that enables you to organize your photos by the location that it was taken. Select photo folders from your computer or cloud and GeoPhoto will lay it out on the map automatically. Get the app here.


Gamers’ Pick of the Week:

Bridge Constructor

In Bridge Constructor you have to prove yourself as an accomplished master bridge builder. Play 40 different levels, and build bridges over deep valleys, canals, and rivers. Get the game here.


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App Picks Of The Week

Before we get into app and game recommendation let’s see what’s up in the latest AppRaisin update that was released today. So now you’ll be able to search the latest news, which are available in Latest and Rising lists. Search works through app name, news headline and description. It could be combined with any filter and used in both Rising and Latest lists. Together comes a list of improvements and bug fixes. More about the update here.

AppRaisin Recommends:

imo desktop free video calls and chat

Imo desktop free video calls and chat  enables you to message and video chat with your friends and family for free. And no matter what device they are on. You can make high-quality video and voice calls between different devices.
Get the desktop or mobile app.



North is a sophisticated compass designed for accuracy not found in other apps: North implements custom algorithm designed for compass applications; it compares computed and measured magnetic field parameters and will inform you if there is a mismatch and more. Get the app here.


Gamers’ Pick of the Week:

SBK16 Official Mobile Game

The SBK Official Mobile Game is back and now totally FREE TO PLAY! Experience the thrill of handling a 200 HP beast, speeding through the most challenging race tracks around the world. Compete against reigning Champion Jonathan Rea and other real SBK riders, challenge your friends or measure your riding skills in the new Test Ride mode to earn yourself a game-changing reward. Interested? Get the game here.


App Picks Of The Week

AppRaisin Recommends:

Wikipedia UWP

Wikipedia UWP – a free Wikipedia app exclusively designed for all Windows 10 devices with rich feature experience. Get the app here.

Wikipedia UWP

Duplex Player

Duplex Player is a multimedia player which includes new features, such as Picture in Picture (Pip), Cast to Chromecast and DLNA devices, record media content to local storage, automatic search/download of subtitles, browse and play directly from OneDrive without the need to download, discover and play media content stored in network media servers and more. Get the app here.

Duplex player

Gamers’ Pick of the Week:

Monster Buster: World Invasion

Thinking about Pokémon? Go find and fight Monsters instead! World gets crazy with finding some creatures outdoors. Windows Phone/Mobile users enjoy this over a year with Monster Buster: World Invasion. Explore your city with your smartphone and find rare monsters from parallel universes invading our world. Get the game here.

Monster Buster


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App Picks of the Week

Paul Thurrott’s Pick of the Week

Technology journalist and blogger Paul Thurrott identifies exceptional Windows apps that appear on AppRaisin. This week Paul recommends:

Alto’s Adventure

A hugely popular perpetual motion scroller that debuted previously on Android and iOS. But it’s available now on Windows 10 for PCs, and that means you can finally try out all the snowboarding and llama goodness on a real computer. Get the app here.


AppRaisin Recommends

Formula 1

If you’re a big fan of Formula 1 racing, you can now keep up with your favorite teams and drivers with the official Formula 1 app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. In addition to driver and team news, the new app also serves up quick access to live race leaderboards, the full race schedule and much more. Get the app here.



Steam app for Windows 10 Mobile got an update recently. The side bar menu has a lot of new options, and it also brings better support for the white theme. Get the app here.


Gamers’ Pick of the Week

Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016

GAME TROOPERS releases Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 for Windows 10 Mobile. Become a freestyle legend in this soccer game and prove that you can juggle like a pro with the help of Robert Lewandowski. Get the game here.




App Picks of the Week

AppRaisin Recommends


Podcasto is a brilliant podcast app for managing your podcast feeds. You can explore, subscribe and even download your favorite podcasts. Get the app here.



Live scores and push notifications, opinion polls and video highlights for more than 420 soccer leagues and cups around the world in one app. Get the app here.


Gamers’ Pick of the Week


Craft and upgrade traps, improve gears, harvest and gather materials for crafting and try to survive as long as you can in the wilderness. Acquire coins, open treasure chests and discover new treasure loot for survival. Get the game here.


Paul Thurrotts’ Pick of the Week

Technology journalist and blogger Paul Thurrott identifies exceptional Windows apps that appear on AppRaisin. This week Paul recommends:


An application that was basically ignored on Windows for quite a while. But it was kind a heating up recently. And if you’re on Windows Insider program and you use the app you’ve probably noticed a bunch of new features. One of the most exiting is Your Groove, which is a music discovery feature. Check out the app here.


App Picks of the Week

Many different app and game news appear on AppRaisin every day. And here are the recommended app picks from last week that you should definitely be aware of:

Paul Thurrott’s Pick of the Week

Technology journalist and blogger Paul Thurrott identifies exceptional Windows apps that appear on AppRaisin. This week Paul recommends:

This mobile app is for Wells Fargo customers and it enables you to manage your money, make transfers and payments, track investments and has exceptional security features. Check out the app here.

Wells Fargo Windows 10

AppRaisin Recommends

edjing Scratch: vinyle digital

edjing Scratch emulates the real vinyl behavior and its sound rendering for the best scratching experience. With Mixfader and edjing Scratch you’ll be able to mix and scratch anywhere with your smartphone or a tablet. Want to be a DJ? Get the app here.


My Study Life

This free cross-platform study planner has a full package of features and enables you to see homework due and overdue for classes, classes which conflict with your exams and even add revision tasks for a specific exam. It syncs data between devices, allowing you to use the app online and offline. Get the app here.

My Study Life

Gamers’ Pick of the Week

Top Gear: Drift Legends

Looking for another time killer? Check out Top Gear: Drift Legends. This official Top Gear mobile game is all about speed, style and smoke. Get the game here.

Top Gear: Drift Legends

What other apps and games did you discover recently? Share your personal picks in the comments.

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AppRaisin Spotlight

Developers publishing their app news on AppRaisin now have an easy way to give it even more exposure to the community by promoting news to AppRaisin Spotlight section.

Spotlight is a live section with hand-picked Featured news and now paid Sponsored slots. All the news from Spotlight are rotated in the second slot of Rising and Latest lists with particular labels.

AppRaisin Spotlight

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Here are few easy steps to get your news in Spotlight:

  1. Post a news about your App or Game on AppRaisin;
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  3. Choose a period your news will be promoted in Spotlight;
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  5. Your news will be promoted in Spotlight for a selected period.

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Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #28

Good news! AppRaisin brings possibility to pick your favorite apps and games with filtering and notifications. For more details about the recent update click here.

And now check out what apps and games attracted most of the attention during the last week:

Day 190

Zombie Tsunami | AppRaisin

Discover: A very good game for time killing

Day 191

Windows Maps | AppRaisin

Update: Windows Maps updated with no changelog

Day 192

Mail and Calendar | AppRaisin

Update: Mail and Calendar updated with no changelog

Day 193

Newsflow | AppRaisin

Update: Newsflow picks up an update with second live tile support

Day 194 | AppRaisin

Update: gets an update with WIFI DIRECT feature (v1.7.3)

Day 195

myTube! | AppRaisin

Update: myTube! update with no changelog

Day 196

Otemoto | AppRaisin

New Release: Office Lens for Windows 10

Want to know what is trending today? Go to AppRaisin now.

Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #26

Time for your weekly dose of most popular Windows app and game news that appeared on AppRaisin.

But first… AppRaisin app is running a crowd-promoting campaign “Expose Search for Apps functionality in the main view” on AppStretch and your support is highly appreciated. Check it out!

Day 176

Valiant Hearts: The Great War | AppRaisin

New Release: Valiant Hearts: The Great War now available

Day 177

WhatsApp | AppStretch

Update: WhatsApp updated

Day 178

Windows Central | AppRaisin

Updated: Windows Central updated

Day 179

6tag | AppRaisin

Discover: Best Alternative Instagram App

Day 180

SreenStitch | AppRaisin

New Release: Big screenshots made easy!

Day 181

Instagram | AppRaisin

Update: Instagram update now available

Day 182

Ringtone Maker | AppStretch

Update: Ringtone Maker out-of-beta

These were the favorites from last week. Now go to AppRaisin and see what is trending today!