Introducing Extendee – Attend & Extend Conferences

Many of us attend conferences, festivals, marathons and other events. So are others from your city, country or region. Quite often we are traveling in parallel without realizing that other like-minded people are flying alongside us on the same flights.

We’ve created Extendee to fix that. Use Extendee to:

  • Start the event early. Meet like-minded people and start reaping the benefits on the way to the event.
  • Save on transportation. Share a taxi on the way from the airport or rent a car together and save.
  • Maximize ROI. You’ve already invested time and money into going there. Extendee helps you maximize return on that investment.

Check it out at and, please, help us spread the word by sharing with your friends on social media. Thank you!

AdDuplex Windows Device Statistics Report for September 2017


This month we are switching to a new report format. It should enable you to explore the data in interactive charts and come up with more insights. It’s a first iteration and we haven’t done enough to rethink how we expose the data to fully take advantage of interactive capabilities, but we will gradually improve it each month. Your feedback and thoughts on how to improve the report are very welcome.

Check out our September report here.

Back to School Offer: 50% bonus, AppRaisin Spotlight and more


Students are getting ready to go back to school, buying new computers and tablets, installing new apps and, let’s be honest, games as well. This is a perfect time to try and put your apps right in front of them, and we want to make it easier, cheaper and more effective for you.

So, here’s our offer for the “back to school” season:

Purchase advertising credits on AdDuplex from August 10th to September 20th, 2017 using bonus code BTS2017 and receive 50% more credits than you pay for.

Additionally, if you buy credits for more than $500 we will up the offer with two additional perks:

  1. We will feature one of your apps or games in the AppRaisin Spotlight for 7 days ($149 value)
  2. We will commission a professional graphic designer to design one set of banner ads for you

The first days with a brand new computer is when a lot of new app acquisitions happen and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to be visible when your potential customers are looking for apps. Start advertising today and don’t forget to use the code BTS2017!