Top 10 Windows 10 Apps of 2016


Happy New Year! Now that 2016 is behind us, it is a perfect time to take a look at the best Windows 10 apps of the last year. There are numerous ways to compile Top-10 app charts: you can rank apps by downloads, by revenue or by subjective criteria of a specific person. What we decided to do is none of these: we thought we’ll get you a top-10 by the interest app news generated on AppRaisin.

So, without further ado, here are the apps that attracted the most attention from the AppRaisin community…

#10 Skype Preview (UWP)

Skype Preview was released for Windows 10 Mobile in the summer and that garnered enough votes to get it into the #10.

#9 Facebook Messenger

Facebook released a set of their iOS-like apps and their Messenger finds itself at #9 on our list.

#8 FIFA Mobile Soccer

Surprisingly FIFA Mobile Soccer is the only game on this list.

#7 Twitter

An update for the official Twitter app for Windows 10 was long overdue (especially on mobile) and it was welcomed with enough votes to land it at #7 on the list.

#6 Steam

Steam’s mobile companion app was probably mistaken for the “real thing” and received a lot of love from the community.

#5 Instagram

Instagram got to feature parity with iOS/Android last year, but it’s the surprise release on the desktop that got the most attention from people.

#4 ProShot

Legendary 3rd party Windows Phone camera app ProShot has finally landed on Windows 10 (including PCs) and was met with enthusiasm by the users.

#3 Facebook

Facebook’s title app got a major update along with it’s “sister” apps (Messenger and Instagram) and, even though some dislike it’s “foreign” design language, it is closest to feature parity Windows apps have ever been with their iOS/Android versions.

#2 VLC

Everyone’s favorite geeky media player VLC got a UWP update and enough love for the silver medal.

#1 Vinci

Remember when Prisma was all the rage on the internet? This was the highest (lowest?) point of “app envy” for Windows phone users in 2016. But a different app came to the rescue. This app is called Vinci and it was the most welcome app news of 2016 according to AppRaisin community. Congratulations!

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