Introducing One Tap Messages–the fastest way to send preset SMS, emails and more


There are messages that we send over and over – inform someone that we will be late for a meeting, thank someone else for the information or a lovely evening, greet someone special or the whole world in the morning. You name it.

Additionally, the infamous “app gap” often puts Windows users in a position when certain electronic services aren’t accessible to us just because there’s no app for Windows. But what most of us don’t realize is that quite often these services are provided the “old-school” way as well – via SMS. To give you a personal example, there’s no parking app for Windows (phone) in Vilnius where I live. However, you can park your car the same way by sending an SMS in a predefined format to a special number. Typing or copy-pasting that text every time is very annoying. And that’s what One Tap Messages solves for me:


Now I have presets for all the parking zones in my city and I can park my car right from the start screen with just one tap. I’m pretty sure that’s even faster than from a native app on iOS or Android.

You may have various services accessible this way where you live: from public transportation tickets, to hailing a taxi, to buying stuff from a vending machine.

One Tap Messages is not limited to SMS though. You can add email presets or even “generic” share presets that would activate standard system sharing mechanism to let you share that message to any medium be it social media, messaging apps or anything that accepts text.

Please give One Tap Messages a try, spread the word and let us know your use cases in the comments below.


As all the other AxGarage apps, One Tap Messages is free on both mobile and desktop with optional in-app purchases to remove the ads and unlock unlimited presets and categories.

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