Introducing AppStretch Plus


We have just released an update for AppStretch with a couple new features available to developers in a new Plus plan.

Usage stats

AppStretch Plus customers can now view and analyze activity stats for their apps, feature requests and campaigns. You can see visitors, unique users, usage by countries, pledges by type and amount and more.


Pledge type controls

imageSome developers want all types of signals from their users. Some only want to hear from those ready to put their money where their mouth is. Others don’t care about collecting money for features at all and, possibly, actively don’t want to be associated with crowdfunding their features.

Now you can control what types of pledges are accepted for feature requests on your apps.

How much is AppStretch Plus?

The price ranges from FREE to $8.25/month (when paid yearly) to $9.99/month (when paid monthly). You decide whether you want to pay for the Plus plan (switch by visiting your profile page) or satisfy a simple eligibility criteria (requires login) and get it free of charge.

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