Help us bring AppRaisin to local communities across the globe!


Yesterday I’ve published a rather lengthy post on why we can’t commit to full-scale development of AppRaisin anymore. That doesn’t mean the app is going anywhere. It is as alive as ever and will continue to be around for as long as it delivers value to the community and is affordable to maintain for us.

Having said that, we have a bunch of things we wanted to do in our backlog and over 60 feature requests on AppStretch. We would love to implement all the ideas that make sense, but we don’t have a budget for it anymore. So, we need you, dear Windows enthusiast, to make things happen.

Our early vision was to build AppRaisin as a global (English) app and game news platform first and launch localized versions later on. We would like to make this vision a reality with your help.

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign on AppStretch to create the foundation for multilingual AppRaisin and launch our first localization. If English is not your first language and you would like to see Windows app enthusiast communities sprung up across the world, please, pledge your support on AppStretch and spread the word on social media.

Thank you very much!

Alan Mendelevich
Founder & CEO of AdDuplex

One thought on “Help us bring AppRaisin to local communities across the globe!

  1. I think all need AppRaisin like many apps in store windows is more promotion. We are few hundreds of millions users of Windows 10 and AppRaisin is a universal app.
    GO AppRaisin


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