App Feature Wish List Contest. Powered by AppStretch

App Feature Wish List

The idea of AppStretch is to help developers collect feature requests from their true app and game fans and enable them to support the realization of the features the users want through crowdfunding and crowdpromotion.

To encourages app and game users (and developers) to share their favorite app feature ideas, AppStretch launched a publication on Medium “App Feature Wish List”. This publication is a set of articles published by actual app users, explaining why the particular app or game is cool and what features, in their opinion,  would make it even better.

Moreover, everyone who publish their article to “App Feature Wish List” publication until August 31st, 2016, will get a chance to win Microsoft Lumia 950, iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S7!

Is there any app features that you miss? Share your story — tell your ideas and help the developers realize it.

The main information that your story should include to participate the sweepstakes is:

  1. What do you like about the particular app and how do you use it on your daily bases?
  2. What features do you miss and why do you think it would make the app even more effective and useful?
  3. Share your feature requests on AppStretch and link it in the story.

More information about the “App Feature Wish List” publication and official contest rules are here.

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