App Picks of the Week

Many different app and game news appear on AppRaisin every day. And here are the recommended app picks from last week that you should definitely be aware of:

Paul Thurrott’s Pick of the Week

Technology journalist and blogger Paul Thurrott identifies exceptional Windows apps that appear on AppRaisin. This week Paul recommends:

This mobile app is for Wells Fargo customers and it enables you to manage your money, make transfers and payments, track investments and has exceptional security features. Check out the app here.

Wells Fargo Windows 10

AppRaisin Recommends

edjing Scratch: vinyle digital

edjing Scratch emulates the real vinyl behavior and its sound rendering for the best scratching experience. With Mixfader and edjing Scratch you’ll be able to mix and scratch anywhere with your smartphone or a tablet. Want to be a DJ? Get the app here.


My Study Life

This free cross-platform study planner has a full package of features and enables you to see homework due and overdue for classes, classes which conflict with your exams and even add revision tasks for a specific exam. It syncs data between devices, allowing you to use the app online and offline. Get the app here.

My Study Life

Gamers’ Pick of the Week

Top Gear: Drift Legends

Looking for another time killer? Check out Top Gear: Drift Legends. This official Top Gear mobile game is all about speed, style and smoke. Get the game here.

Top Gear: Drift Legends

What other apps and games did you discover recently? Share your personal picks in the comments.

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