AppStretch Supports Web Apps and Non-Store Apps Now


From the first day AppStretch went live we have been getting your requests to support web apps, and other apps and games that are distributed by other means than one of the app stores. Today I’m happy to announce that you can start collecting feature ideas for your web and other apps, and run crowdfunding campaigns to fund the development of these ideas.

Add your app today. Make sure that your app’s site has relevant contact information (preferably email address). We will use it to verify your ownership of the app. Once that process is complete you’ll be able to start taking your app to the next level with the help of your loyal users.

Additionally, there’s just a little bit more than a week left to verify your app and participate in sweepstakes to win an ultimate developer laptop. So, don’t wait up. Add your app now!

Any ideas on how we can improve AppStretch itself? You can now request AppStretch features on AppStretch. A little meta, I know.

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