Sponsored slots in AppRaisin Spotlight with a special offer till the end of June!

AppRaisin Spotlight

Developers publishing their app news on AppRaisin now have an easy way to give it even more exposure to the community by promoting news to AppRaisin Spotlight section.

Spotlight is a live section with hand-picked Featured news and now paid Sponsored slots. All the news from Spotlight are rotated in the second slot of Rising and Latest lists with particular labels.

AppRaisin Spotlight

AppRaisin offers to promote your app or game news for :

  • 1 day (for $49.99) – give your app a good boost so it continues to rise organically.
  • 3 days (with a special offer till the end of June $55.00 (45% off) – optimal value – expose your app to the core of the AppRaisin community.
  • 7 days (for $149.99) – make sure that the majority of the AppRaisin users see your app.

Here are few easy steps to get your news in Spotlight:

  1. Post a news about your App or Game on AppRaisin;
  2. Press “Promote” from within the news article;
  3. Choose a period your news will be promoted in Spotlight;
  4. Pay via Windows Store In-App purchases;
  5. Your news will be promoted in Spotlight for a selected period.

Go to AppRaisin and promote your apps and games now!

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