AppStretch Update: More login options, Request filtering, Markdown support

We have just added a bunch of features and improvements to AppStretch. Here are the most notable…

New ways to login


In addition to Facebook, Twitter and a local login, you can now use Google, Microsoft Account and Steam. This should make it easier for your users coming from these platforms to vote on feature requests and campaigns.

Feature request sorting and filtering


The more active and outspoken app’s community gets, the harder it becomes to track all the feature requests. We’ve added a way to sort feature requests either by date or popularity (votes). Additionally you can filter requests by status – by default you will only see feature requests that are open (neither implemented, nor declined). You can always toggle an option to see declined and/or implemented requests.

We have also renamed the “Under review” status, which confused a couple of users and developers, to “Under consideration”. A new “Implementing” request status was added to signal that the feature is in development.

Markdown support for campaign descriptions


Structure and emphasize important information in your crowdfunding campaigns by formatting the description using markdown.

I hope you like how AppStretch is progressing. More updates are underway. Let us know if there’s something specific you’d like to see in the comments below.

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