Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #28

Good news! AppRaisin brings possibility to pick your favorite apps and games with filtering and notifications. For more details about the recent update click here.

And now check out what apps and games attracted most of the attention during the last week:

Day 190

Zombie Tsunami | AppRaisin

Discover: A very good game for time killing

Day 191

Windows Maps | AppRaisin

Update: Windows Maps updated with no changelog

Day 192

Mail and Calendar | AppRaisin

Update: Mail and Calendar updated with no changelog

Day 193

Newsflow | AppRaisin

Update: Newsflow picks up an update with second live tile support

Day 194 | AppRaisin

Update: gets an update with WIFI DIRECT feature (v1.7.3)

Day 195

myTube! | AppRaisin

Update: myTube! update with no changelog

Day 196

Otemoto | AppRaisin

New Release: Office Lens for Windows 10

Want to know what is trending today? Go to AppRaisin now.

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