Support Feature Requests on AppStretch with Your Vote (and nothing else)


AppStretch was conceived on the idea of helping developers separate signal from noise by asking customers to put their money where their mouth is when requesting new features. That’s why the only way to vote on a feature requests was through pledging support with either money or promotion on social networks. This is what we want to encourage, but in a couple of weeks of real life use it became apparent that there’s one flaw in this model that we can’t ignore.

We have received several emails from developers complaining that users who don’t want to support the ideas in a way we envisioned it, still send them feature request emails instead of backing the request on AppStretch.

That’s why we’ve added an option to express “moral support” without pledging money or tweeting about it:


Note “I just want to express moral support” button at the bottom.

We still want to encourage users to pledge support with something more substantial. That’s why the button is understated compared to other ways of support. But at least you can see a signal from those users using the same system you use for all of your feature requests.

We realize that this addition is based on a number of requests from our developer community and it could be the opposite to what you want for your apps. If this is the case, please, let us know in the comments below or via email at and we will evaluate ways to make this optional.

Thank you for using AppStretch!

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