Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #26

Time for your weekly dose of most popular Windows app and game news that appeared on AppRaisin.

But first… AppRaisin app is running a crowd-promoting campaign “Expose Search for Apps functionality in the main view” on AppStretch and your support is highly appreciated. Check it out!

Day 176

Valiant Hearts: The Great War | AppRaisin

New Release: Valiant Hearts: The Great War now available

Day 177

WhatsApp | AppStretch

Update: WhatsApp updated

Day 178

Windows Central | AppRaisin

Updated: Windows Central updated

Day 179

6tag | AppRaisin

Discover: Best Alternative Instagram App

Day 180

SreenStitch | AppRaisin

New Release: Big screenshots made easy!

Day 181

Instagram | AppRaisin

Update: Instagram update now available

Day 182

Ringtone Maker | AppStretch

Update: Ringtone Maker out-of-beta

These were the favorites from last week. Now go to AppRaisin and see what is trending today!

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