Funding and an ultimate laptop for your app ideas


Few days ago AppStretch went live! This new innovative platform enables developers to improve and monetize their apps and games with the help of users.

The greatness of AppStretch is that it will help you collect feature requests from true fans of your apps and enable them to help you deliver the features they want through crowdfunding and crowdpromotion support (you can read more about it here).

MacBook Pro or Surface Book to give away!

Another good news is that if you add your app or game to AppStretch and verify ownership before July 1st, you will participate in the drawing to get one of the super developer devices listed above!

And if you verify your app before June 1st your first crowdfunding campaign will be commission free.

Contest details and official rules are available here.

Let your loyal fans help you grow your app business now and win an ultimate developer laptop!

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