Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #24

It’s the day of a week when we bring you a list of popular apps and games that got most of the attention from AppRaisin community during past 7 days:

Day 162

Twitter | AppRaisin

Update: Twitter updated to the new version

Day 163

Windows Maps | AppRaisin

Update: Windows maps updated with bug fixes and reliability improvements

Day 164

Messenger | AppRaisin

New Release: Messenger app has been released

Day 165

REDCON - Strike Commander | AppRaisin

New Release: REDCON – Strike Commander, game on iOS/Android now available for Windows 10!

Day 166

Pinterest | AppRaisin

New Release: Pinterest  client for Windows 10 now available

Day 167

Viber | AppRaisin

Update: Viber gets a new version 6.0 with a fresh UI

Day 168

Microsoft Desktop App Instaler | AppRaisin

New Release: Microsoft Desktop App Installer now available in the Windows Store

Do you use any of these apps? Go to AppRaisin and raise your favorite ones!

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