Increase your app downloads – AdDuplex HERO APPS program updated!

AdDuplex HERO APP program | App Marketing

If you are reading this post then you are surely moving to the right direction in order to grow your apps – AdDuplex HERO APPS program was build to provide you with the most efficient app and game promotion tools that will help you boost your Windows Store app downloads.

We are constantly evaluating the feedback we get from thousands of apps that already participated the program. Therefore, we are able to update the list of benefits with new better perks.

So here are the benefits that you can get from now on:

Click here to see the full list and descriptions of benefit packages.

I want it! How do I get it?

To become a part of AdDuplex HERO APPS you need to apply for the program in 30 days after your app or game was launched on AdDuplex cross-promotion network to promote it for free. Every app that applies will be rewarded with one of the four (HOT, EPIC, ROYAL or OMG!) benefit packages.

Want to make your app more visible and attract  tons of users – join NOW!

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