Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #23

No one likes to be out of context of what is happening around. Therefore, every week we publish a list of apps and games that got most of attention during last 7 days. So check out the latest one and see if any of your favorite apps are listed. And if not, than maybe it’s time to spread a word about it on AppRaisin yourself?

Day 155

Unstream | AppRaisin

Discover: Unstream – nicely crafted app on Windows 10

Day 156

Get Skype | AppRaisin

Update: Skype UWP Preview gets visual and functionality update

Day 157

myTube! | AppRaisin

Update: myTube! gets an update with a set of bug fixes

Day 158

Store | AppRaisin

Update: Store updated with no changelog

Day 159

Instagram (Beta) | AppRaisin

Update: Instagram (Beta) app picks up an update with no changelog

Day 160 | AppRaisin

Update: updated with a pc connectivity fix

Day 161

Block and Filter (global) | AppRaisin

Update: Block and Filter (global) app picks up an update with improvements and more.

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