Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #22

AppRaisin update

Before you get into the popular app list, let’s see what the latest update brought to AppRaisin app. We are happy to announce that the most requested AppRaisin feature – the Dark Theme – has arrived. We hope you’ll like it and share your passion with positive ratings in Windows Store! Moreover, we are integrating with AppStretch. This will give more structure to our discussion around new features. You’ll be able to request, discuss and support new features not only for AppRaisin but for any other App posted on AppRaisin as well.

Check out the new AppRaisin features yourself!

And now it’s time for the Top App list from last week:

Day 148

PowerPoin Mobile | AppRaisin

Update: Office Apps Updated for Windows 10 Mobile Devices with Smart Lookup and More

Day 149

Twitter | AppRaisin

Update: Twitter received an update with no changelog

Day 150

Showbie | AppRaisin

New Release: Showbie, an app of iOS now available for Windows 10

Day 151

Groove Music | AppRaisin

Update: Groove Music app picks up an update

Day 152

Straw for Windows 10 | AppRaisin

New Release: Straw Poll Making App Now for Windows 10

Day 153

wallhaven | AppRaisin

Update: Wallhaven is now available for Windows 10

Day 154

Age of Cavemen | AppRaisin

New Release: Age of Cavemen now available on Windows 10 Mobile

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