Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #21

Here is a new batch of most popular Windows Store apps and games that users shared on AppRaisin during the last week. Have you tried them?

Day 141

Todoist | AppRaisin

New Release: Official Todoist App has been released

Day 142 | AppRaisin

Update: gets an update with NEW UI

Day 143

Mail and Calendar | AppRaisin

Update: Mail and Calendar app updated with new rendering

Day 144

Instagram (Beta) | AppRaisin

Update: Instagram (Beta) gets an update with no changelog

Day 145

InstaBlurrr | AppRaisin

Price Drop: InstaBlurrr is now Free forever!

Day 146

Asphalt 8: Airborne | AppRaisin

Update: Gameloft brings an update for Asphalt 8: Airborne but it doesn’t work for WP10

Day 147

Deezer Music Preview | AppRaisin

Update: Deezer Music Preview app picks up an update with playlist features and small UI changes

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