Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #20

This is your weekly guide to most popular Windows Store app and game news that appeared on AppRaisin during past 7 days:

Day 134

Windows Central | AppRaisin

Update: Windows Central grabs an update with crash fixes

Day 135

Wallpaper Studio 10 | AppRaisin

Discover: Decorate your Windows home screen with Wallpaper Studio 10

Day 136

Engadget | AppRaisin

New Release: Engadget now available for Windows 10

Day 137

PowerPoint Mobile | AppRaisin

Update: PowerPoint Mobile gets an Update with new features including annotations with ink

Day 138

Microsoft Health | AppRaisin

Update: Microsoft Health app picks up an update

Day 139

TuneIn Radio | AppRaisin

Update: TuneIn Radio finally available on Mobile

Day 140

GYM Radio | AppRaisin

Discover: Fitness music gives you power. Turn on GYM Radio

This were very few news that appeared on AppRaisin. Be sure to download AppRaisin app now and get all news about latest app and game releases, updates and price drops as it happen.

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