Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #18

This is our regular blog post stating top raised app and game news that were published on AppRaisin past 7 days. Do you find any of your favorite apps? If not – be sure to post some interesting news about it!

Day 120

Windows Alarms & Clock | AppRaisin

Update: Windows Alarms & Clock updated with UI changes and bug fixes.

Day 121

Twitter | AppRaisin

Update: Twitter gets update. Now it’s available for Windows 10 Mobile devices!

Day 122

Upgrade Advisor | AppRaisin

Update: Upgrade Advisor allows you to check if you can get Windows 10 Mobile update!

Day 123

Windows Maps | AppRaisin

Update: Windows Maps Update rolling out for insiders.

Day 124

Instagram (Beta) | AppRaisin

Update: Instagram (Beta) updated with a transparent tile.

Day 125

Money Lover | AppRaisin

Update: Money Lover gets a WIN 10 release. With better UI and fluid performance.

Day 126

8 Zip | AppRaisin

Update: 8 Zip updated with brand new W10 look for mobile.

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