Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #11

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And below you’ll find the most popular apps and games from last week:

Day 71

Wikipedia | AppRaisin

Discover: Official Wikipedia app

Day 72

Windows Insider | AppRaisin

Update: Windows Insider – Update to show Production

Day 73

Ringtone Maker Beta | AppRaisin

Discover: Ringtone Maker Beta – Windows 10 version of ringtone making

Day 74

Rise Of The Tomb Raider | AppRaisin

New Release: Rise Of The Tomb Raider hits Windows Store with 10% off

Day 75

Save HTML in Edge | AppRaisin

New Release: Save HTML in Microsoft Edge

Day 76

Fenice for Twitter | AppRaisin

Update: Fenice for Twitter is now with Windows Hello

Day 77

Colibri | AppRaisin

New Release: Colibri – messenger application from the creator of moodflow and meridian apps

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