Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #10

Welcome to our regular blog post stating top raised app and game news that were published on AppRaisin recently. It happened so that this time we’ve listed the most popular apps from past two weeks (next week we’ll get back to our regular weekly report). So scroll down and see what captured most of AppRaisin community attention:


Week #9

Day 57

Facebook beta | AppRaisin

Update: Facebook (beta) For Windows 10 Mobile updated!

Day 58

Microsoft Remote Desktop | AppRaisin

Update: Remote Desktop Preview with Continuum support is now available

Day 59

Facebook | AppRaisin

Update: Facebook updated

Day 60

myAppFree | AppRaisin

Discover: myAppFree – Gives you free games and apps

Day 61

6tin | AppRaisin

Update: 6tin gets a big 3.0 rewrite to support Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Day 62

Converge | AppRaisin

Discover: Converge – Best app for tech news

Day 63

6tag | AppRaisin

Update: 6tag update

Week #10

And here are the most popular app news that happened during the last week:

Day 64

WhatsApp | AppRaisin

Price Drop: WhatsApp – No subcribition fees now on

Day 65

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor | AppRaisin

Discover: Xodo PDF Reader & Editor – Awesome PDF editor!

Day 66

Troubles Land | AppRaisin

Discover: Windows exclusive platformer by developers of super hit game ‘Grimbo’

Day 67

HERE Drive+ | AppRaisin

Update: HERE Drive available again

Day 68

OneDrive | AppRaisin

Update: OneDrive Updated

Day 69

Store | AppRaisin

Update: Store App Updated

Day 70

HERE Maps | AppRaisin

Update: Here maps

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BTW, AppRaisin got an update and introduced App Info card that shows history of all news posted about a particular app. You can get the App Info card by clicking on App name as marked in the example below:


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