HERO APPS program updated – more awesome app boosters!

HERO APPS package

We are happy to announce that more than 1,500 apps already took part in AdDuplex HERO APPS program! All the feedback from satisfied developers has encouraged us to extend the program, building new partnerships with Microsoft TechRewards and Windows Store teams to bring you the craziest perks ever! 

So today we are presenting a new, more awesome HERO APPS benefit package that will become the best helper at growing your great apps. The benefits include:

  • 100% exchange ratio on AdDuplex for 1 month;
  • $50-500 credits to run ad campaigns on AdDuplex;
  • @AdDuplex tweet about your app;
  • Professional ad design (banner or/and interstitial);
  • TechRewards Points;
  • App quality review by Windows Store;
  • Free feature campaign on AppDeals;
  • Cover article on Windows Central.

The rules to join the HERO APPS program remain the same – every app that you start to cross-promote on AdDuplex network will be able to apply for the program and receive one of the four benefit packages (all apps that applied for the program during January will be assigned to one of the new benefit packages). Click here to read more.

Become a HERO – apply for AdDuplex HERO APPS program now!

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