Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #5


Plenty of Windows app news are being published every day as there’s a lot of going on out there. While on AppRaisin you get the news that community decided it is worth spreading.

It’s important to mention that recently AppRaisin got its second update with possibility to edit user profile and see who has raised news articles together with various improvements and bug fixes (click here to download the AppRaisin app).

And here is our weekly list of the most popular Windows apps and games over the last week:

Day 29

WinBeta Reader | AppRaisin

New Release: Read WinBeta without distraction (unofficial)

Day 30

World of Tanks Blitz | AppRaisin

New Release: World of Tanks Blitz – Finally WoT Blitz available now on Windows 10!

Day 31

Windows Store | AppRaisin

Update: Store for Windows 10 & Windows 10 Mobile updated.

Day 32

Equalizer | AppRaisin

Update: Audio changed name to Equalizer

Day 33

Deals Hub | AppRaisin

New Release: Deals Hub – Microsoft’s deals app

Day 34

Brilli Walpaper Changer | AppRaisin

Discover: Brilli Walpaper Changer – Start, Desktop & Lockscreen – This app is amazing

Day 35

Windows Central | AppRaisin

Price drop: Official Windows Central app is now free!!!

This is all for now. Don’t forget to follow AppRaisin on Twitter and Facebook to get updates about the top rising apps daily.

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