AdDuplex Windows Phone Device Statistics Report for December, 2015

The last Windows Phone statistics report of this year shows us continuation of the trend of recents months as the Microsoft made Lumias (the 535, 640 and 435) having the largest growth. However Lumia 520 still haven’t moved from leaders position and is the most popular device worldwide.

This is also the first month where Lumia 950 and 950XL have shown up in our stats after going on sale. Globaly the 950 is more popular than the 950XL but it is not the case in all countries.

In addition to the US we look in detail at the device in use in United Kingdom, France, Russia, Australia and India.

Click here if you want to review Windows Phone device trends during the year of 2015 or check how a particular month looked like.

And now let’s wait and watch what changes will be happening in the market during 2016.

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