Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #4

Have you already downloaded AppRaisin? The app that enables you to keep up with the most interesting and useful Windows Store apps and games noticed and raised by the community. Moreover, you are more than welcome to post the news that you find worth of sharing by yourself.

And here are the top news from last week:

Day 22AppRaisin news
Update: Uber finally Updated for Windows10 as UWP

Day 23

AppRaisin news

Discover: Bizview is a Universal App for Google Analytics

Day 24

AppRaisin news

Update: Groove Music – Big update to Grove music

Day 25

AppRaisin news

Price Drop: Lines the game FREE as myAppFree deal

Day 26AppRaisin news
Price Drop: Briquid mini is FREE as myAppFree deal

Day 27
AppRaisin newsPrice Drop: The Last Door: Collector’s Edition – Free Today – Crazy Weekend

Day 28AppRaisin news
New Release: The Wall Street Journal – Completely redone as Windows 10 UWP

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Which of the news caught the most of your attention?

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