Introducing localized ads

localized adsLocalizing ads to user’s language increases CTR by about 20%. That’s what we have discovered by doing experiments in several markets. So, we decided to implement support for localized versions of ads for apps you cross-promote with AdDuplex

How do I start?

When you go into the details page for your app on AdDuplex you will see a new Globe button above the ad copy for each ad unit.


imageClick on that Globe and you will see a list of localized ads that you have already created and a button to add a new one. To edit an existing localization click on the language in the list. Click on “Add” to add a new localization.

Select a language from the list. You can also select a variation from a second dropdown (like Brazilian or Portuguese version of Portuguese). Then just create or upload an ad to be shown to users from this locale.


And click Save.

Let us know how this affects your click rates and downloads!

One thought on “Introducing localized ads

  1. Great!! It’ll help non-English customers and developers!
    btw, Is this only applicable for Win10 UWP apps? I could not find globe icon from Win8 ads settings page.


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