Promote Your Windows 10 Apps with AdDuplex


AdDuplex was the first ad network to launch an SDK for Universal Windows Platform apps on Windows 10 literally the next day after the OS release. Since then we have accumulated enough of the native UWP apps, millions of the users have updated their machines to Windows 10 and first Windows 10 phones hit the market. It’s about time we let you advertise your great Windows 10 apps directly to Windows 10 users on both desktop and mobile.

Here’s how to start…

To launch a Windows 10 advertising campaign login to the Client Area and go to Buy ads –> My campaigns and hit “New campaign” button. Choose “Network campaign”.


Enter the name of your campaign (for your internal use), select an ad type you want to target (banner or interstitial) and select “Windows 10” as your campaign type.

The next steps are exactly the same as you are used to with your Windows Phone campaigns. The only difference is that you can specify whether you want your campaign to run only on Desktop or Mobile or both.


And you are all set.

What if I have an older app? How do I promote it to Windows 10 users as well?

Depending on the targeting settings of your older campaign we may have added Windows 10 targeting to it automatically. If it was targeting a specific version of the OS we didn’t add Windows 10 to the mix, not knowing what your preferences are in that case.

If you do want to promote your older app to Windows 10 users as well as users on previous versions of Windows Phone/Windows, you have 2 choices:

1. You can create a new campaign just for Windows 10 by following the steps above.

2. You can add Windows 10 targeting to your existing campaigns (if it wasn’t added automatically):



I still have questions about running campaigns on AdDuplex…

Check out this FAQ section, watch the tutorial videos on creating network campaigns and targeting ads or just email us at

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