Top Rising Windows Apps of the Week #1


Thank you, thank you, thank you! We’ve received a tremendously positive response from both Windows enthusiasts and media for the launch of AppRaisin. Your rave reviews inspire us, your feedback helps us fix a few quirks that prevent you from enjoying the app to the fullest and prioritize future development. New release is just around the corner.

With this post we are starting a regular series to highlight the top “raised” apps and games on AppRaisin over the last week. Below and every week you will find a list of 7 app news that were most welcome by the ever growing AppRaisin community. So here goes:


Day 1


Todoist Preview for Windows 10

Day 2


Sengoku Jidai: Free for the rest of the month for Windows 10 users only!

Day 3


Nextgen Reader

Day 4


Sapphire. : Native tumblr client

Day 5


Game Troopers releases Equalicious, a unique maths game for Windows Phone

Day 6


Perfect Tube for YouTube

Day 7


Official SHAREit app now available for Windows Phone

That’s it for this week. Download AppRaisin to get all the best apps as the news come in. Follow @AppRaisinHQ on Twitter to get updates about the top rising apps daily. Or just come back here next week for another portion of top app news of the week.

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