Introducing Support for Dev Center Campaign IDs

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With a release of the new unified Dev Center Microsoft has introduced a feature allowing you to track conversions from various marketing activities by simply adding a parameter to your Windows Store link. Read more about it on the Building Apps for Windows blog and in the documentation.

I’m happy to announce that we have added support for Campaign IDs (CID) to AdDuplex for both cross-promotion and commercial campaigns. We will support CID in both implicit and explicit forms for all Store links in the “new” Windows 10 format (those that look like

Automatic CIDs

If your app’s Store URL on AdDuplex is in this new format and doesn’t include CID parameter we will add one automatically. The format for automatic CIDs is as follows:

  • for cross-promotion – “adduplex-a-<adunitid>”
  • for commercial campaigns – “adduplex-c-<campaignid>”

What if I want to use my own Campaign IDs? Do you support that?

Absolutely! You can use whatever CID you like by simply changing your app’s Store URL to one that includes your own custom CID like this:

But what if I have a Windows Phone or Windows 8.x app and use an older link format?

You can’t use CID parameters with “old” links. However you can use the new URL format even if your app is not specifically built for Windows 10. Those URLs will redirect to a correct Store based on the user’s OS version. To get a new URL go to your Dev Center Dashboard go into the details for your app, “App Management”, “App Identity” and find “URL for Windows 10” at the bottom of that page. Then just update your AdDuplex listing with that URL and you are set.

Where can I see conversion reports?

You should be able to see the conversion reports for your campaigns in the “Analytics” –> “Channels and conversions” section in the Dev Center.

We will integrate that data into AdDuplex reports in the future. This will require an update to AdDuplex SDK.

Let us know how this works for you!

We would love to hear from you about our implementation of support for campaign ids and the results you see from the Dev Center reports. Please post your feedback in the comments bellow or share it privately at

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