A ticket to BUILD 2015 goes to…

AdDuplex winners_560
Recently we ran a contest to win a ticket to BUILD, the biggest conference for Windows developers, that will take place in San Francisco, April 29 – May 1, 2015. Now we are ready to announce the winner!

To enter this competition we asked you to:

  • share your experience while using AdDuplex
  • tell us why you are the one who will get the most advantage from this great conference.

Gladly we got so many warm and motivated emails starting with students and ending with major game developing companies. But on the other hand this made it very hard to decide who should get the ticket. When we got the first email from a prominent Microsoft MVP we thought that it wouldn’t be a good BUILD if this person is not there. But then we’ve got a few more from other well known MVPs and it became apparent that this couldn’t be the criteria. So we decided to look at it from another angle – select someone who provided the best argument on how they and their app(s) would benefit from attending the conference.

So, without further due, we are more than happy to announce that the winner of this contest is Joe Fernandez! Congratulations!

AdDuplex is all about helping developers get as much users as possible. Therefore we believe that BUILD 2015 is a great place for Joe to expand his knowledge and in his own words:

“… would be a huge boost for the development of Pik. Apart from learning about the latest Windows development technologies, we cannot think of a better place to promote our new app Pik… I am sure attending Build can help Pik reach success much faster and connect with the right people.”

Thank you all for sharing your testimonials, opinions and experiences while using AdDuplex! We are working for your success.

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