Conversion tracking – temporary unavailable

Back in September we’ve introduced conversion tracking capability which was in beta up until this week. It worked quite well for a beta product at first. But as the time went by more and more universal (WinRT) apps entered the store and it became apparent that our implementation didn’t work well across the Silverlight/Universal boundary.

What this means is that, if you have a Silverlight app and a user clicked on your ad in a universal app and then installed it, our algorithm failed to track it. The same is true in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find a quick and easy way to address this issue, so we decided to pull the conversion statistics information from the client area for now rather than show you inaccurate information until we can come up with a fix. We will work on addressing this issue and reenable these valuable stats in the future. If you care about this metric you should still implement the required code, so you don’t loose the data once the feature is reintroduced.

For those running campaigns we suggest that you use one of the 3rd party attribution services such as adjust or mobile app tracking.

Thank you for helping us test the feature and sorry for this temporary issue!

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