Marketing and Monetization Interview Series #12. NONOGRAM2 – classic game in Modern UI


As Evgeniy Vodnev, the creator of NONOGRAM2, says this game is another realization of classic game – nonogram, also called griddlers or hanjie. Game was built in accordance with Windows Phone design guidelines and looks rather well.

NONOGRAM2 was announced as one of our 4th Birthday contest winners. And here we are talking with Evgeniy about the ways he uses to acquire users for his first Windows Phone game.

How would you describe NONGRAM2 to someone who is not familiar with it at all?

NONOGRAM2 is the time killer for smart guys – well-known classic game in Modern UI.

I know that NONOGRAM2 is the first game that you’ve developed. How did you decide to make this type of game? There are 300 nonograms. Have you created it all by yourself?

I like this type of games but existing nonograms for Windows Phone have different shortcomings. So I decided to make my own game to be the best one.  

I took all nonograms from old sources. It is a hard task to make resolvable and at the same time interesting nonogram puzzles from scratch.


What is the key point that helps NONOGRAM2 to stand out against other similar games?

This game was built in accordance with Modern UI design guidelines. It has lightweight and simple interface at the same time adapted for large puzzles. NONOGRAM2 contains large amount of puzzles, maybe the largest among other nonograms for Windows Phone. All this can give user many hours of playing.

This game is supported only on Windows Phone. Do you plan to move it to other platforms? Why?

On my full-time job I am Windows developer, so I used my familiar tools and known technologies. I live inside Windows ecosystem for years, it is my contribution in its development. If users will like my app I will think about moving it to other platforms.

Don’t you think that it is hard to create a really successful game working just several hours per week?

Game development is just hobby for me but, as I said earlier, I am professional Windows developer. From my experience I do think that really great products can be made only by teams working 24/7 on the project.

NONOGRAM2 just recently joined AdDuplex cross-promotion network. What other marketing methods did you use before to acquire all users?

AdDuplex is the first and today the only one method I use to promote my application. It gives very interesting experience and useful statistics and, of course, attracts new users.

What’s the most difficult part for you about making Windows Phone game?

As for me as a developer, promotion is the hardest part. You already have a product and … oops… nobody downloads it. It is frustrating and you don’t know how to change the situation.

Are there any other games on the way? If yes, do you plan to change your marketing strategy and how?

Yes, there is one more game in the development process. The difference is that now I work not alone but with my colleagues. I think we will try to use the power of social networks to increase the popularity and downloads of future product. And, no doubt, we will integrate AdDuplex into it.

Thank you Evgeniy for sharing your experience. Looking forward for your new game!


And we encourage everyone to download this game and try to solve at least some of these 300 nonograms!

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