Winners of AdDuplex Special Challenge of November Announced


The idea of our monthly challenges is to show our gratitude and encourage Windows Phone and Windows app and game developers to start using AdDuplex cross-promotion network. Last month we challenged Windows Phone GAME developers. Every game that was published through AdDuplex cross-promotion network during November and has at least 100 reviews and the rating of 3.5* or more in the Store automatically participated our challenge to win HTC One (M8), Lumia 1520, Lumia 930 or Lumia 830.

From all games that comply with the requirements we randomly chose the winner and we congratulate Bradley Wesson and his challenging game Do You Even Drift. Enjoy your new Nokia Lumia 1520!

Publish Your App Competition

As always we had prepared two more Windows Phone devices for two developers that start cross-promoting their apps and games on AdDuplex network. So November was a success for:

  • Angel Ferran Pousa and his app Meme Generator Suite. He won Lumia 630 (or $1000 AdDuplex advertising credit)
  • Victor Yusop and his app Textifier won Lumia 635 (or $1000 AdDuplex advertising credit)

Congratulations to both of you!

And thank you all for using AdDuplex cross-promotion network to advertise your apps and games for free! Be sure to check out our last challenge of the year. This time we made it very simple.

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