AdDuplex Windows Device Statistics Report – September, 2014

Let’s take a glance at Windows device statistics that we have collected from 941 Windows Store apps running AdDuplex SDK. This time we have shortly covered Windows 8 manufactures worldwide and Windows 8 devices in general worldwide and Microsoft devices worldwide and in US.

This report should help developers who are building Windows Store apps to get a better view of the ecosystem.

Update (September 25th, 2014): the original reported incorrectly stated that Microsoft has slipped to number 4 in the manufacturer chart while in fact it was number 2. This happened because we forgot to reorder the list after combining Microsoft and Microsoft Corporation into one line. Sorry for the confusion this may have caused!

5 thoughts on “AdDuplex Windows Device Statistics Report – September, 2014

  1. Original Surface is still the most popular device….yet Microsoft won’t provide the drivers it needs to support Miracast, so they won’t be able to hawk those $60 Miracast adapters to 10% of the user base.
    Brilliant strategy Microsoft.


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