10 More Great Windows Phone Apps and Games in AdDuplex Direct Platform

direct-640[2]We’d like to present a second batch of 10 great apps and games that joined our AdDuplex Direct program. Now you can promote your apps, games, products and services directly through them. But first…

A quick reminder for those who haven’t heard about it yet: AdDuplex Direct is a platform for app publishers and advertisers to conduct direct advertising deals without any ad serving, paperwork and payment processing hassle.

So here is the list:

efa14ee5-e494-42d1-a4ed-9252b67b37baFruit Frenzydelicious and addicting, Fruit Frenzy, is a great match-three game with more than 40 gameplay levels, a several game modes, public high-score rankings and other fancy features that will give you hours of wonderful gameplay. [advertise in Fruit Frenzy now!]


b81bda67-e75c-49f9-b896-16a428615565FM Radio. This app is actually everything you could ask out of your mobile radio player. The app allows you to listen to your favorite local FM stations or stream more than 50 music stations online. Fast and convenient location based search tool makes FM Radio one of the best radio apps on Windows Phone store. [advertise in FM Radio now!]


8f68dc48-2bd6-45c4-b840-b18da0240480FREE GPS Speedometeris a perfect app for tracking your speed at any given conditions. The app has four modes: running, cycling, driving and even flying. It also records your top/average speed and trip time for every activity. Simply said, a perfect tool to track your movement using nothing but your phone. [advertise in FREE GPS Speedometer now!]  


7046afec-38a8-4a96-b7a3-44aeab7e0cb4All Mobile Casino – a personal Casino on your Windows Phone. All Mobile Casino allows you to play ten different casino games, all put in a really nice interface giving you the best possible casino experience. Please note – it’s game money only! [advertise in All Mobile Casino now!]  


e65483f5-955d-4051-bce9-31ed578de8c4Omi. If you ever dreamed about owning a pet, Omi is here and he is ready to be taken care of. Omi is a little, cute creature living on your WP, and he wants to be fed, dressed and played with. Oh, and don’t forget to put him to bed at night! [advertise in Omi now!]  


30d4c8f6-573e-4aa1-bbf1-078f2a558fcfPromegle. Promegle is a popular Windows Phone client for the famous online chatting service Omegle. The app puts you in a one-on-one chat with a randomly picked stranger. Find new friends, meet great people or talk to someone with matching age and interests. [advertise in Promegle now!


75bf1386-bdc4-40b3-b934-c98a7fdf0baeBudget Buddy is all about your personal finance. This great app has plenty of tools and features for organizing your finance, planning your budget and tracking your expenses. The app is integrated with OneDrive and has everything you would like in a personal finance app. [advertise in Budget Buddy now!]  


49ec7d9c-a30a-4af7-9c59-1b6af71a78f6Spider Solitaire HD. It’s a fully featured traditional Spider Solitaire game on your Windows Phone. The game has beautiful graphics, plenty of table and card designs, different game modes and lots of other options. By the way, it’s the #1 Spider Solitaire game on the marketplace. [advertise in Spider Solitaire HD now!]


4d80bb18-e2e8-4c1b-b5cf-a35d261d47a2Logos Quiz. Logos Quiz is definitely the best way to get your memory working! This beautifully made logo quiz is one of the most popular logo-guessing games on the platform with hundreds of brand logos and long hours of super-fun gameplay. [advertise in Logos Quiz now!]  


d79b72ca-d7d5-484b-b14b-443074156cd5Anodia. A beautiful brick breaker game with fast-paced, addicting gameplay. Anodia gives you more than 100 surrealistic and unique levels with zero chance to ever get bored! [advertise in Anodia now!]  



Check out all of the 20 apps and games that already are in AdDuplex Direct catalog and start advertising your applications, games, products or services in one or few of them now.

BTW. We will continue adding new members to the list, so if you have an application and you’re looking for a simple way to sell ads in it, please apply via the AdDuplex Direct tab in your app’s details page or send us a note at sales@adduplex.com.

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