The Secret Benefits of Cross-Promotion


Here’s a popular fairytale – when you finish developing your great app and publish it in the Store, you just relax, sit and wait for the users. “Build it and they will come!”. Unfortunately this is nothing more than a fairytale. Most likely your future users won’t be aware of your new app. That’s why you need to do some marketing for it. And as we all know marketing campaigns are not that cheap. Besides, the vast majority of developers do not have a big marketing budget.

This time we’ve put together a list of the main advantages of AdDuplex cross-promotion network and what you as a developer can get from that. But first…

What app cross-promoting actually is? App cross-promotion is a marketing and user acquisition strategy that encourages users to use another similar app or game. In other words developers share the love by helping their developer friends by advertising each others applications.

So the secret is that there are no secrets at all. We identified four main points why AdDuplex cross-promoting might be the best marketing choice for your Windows Store or Windows Phone app or game:

  1. Free of charge. Cross-promoting is a perfect solution for developers with low budget because it’s FREE. The exchange ratio is 8:10. This means that for each 10 ads displayed in your app 8 of your ads will be shown in other apps (the remaining 2 ads are being sold to support the service).
  2. Focused. Another huge advantage is that cross-promoting is highly focused. AdDuplex cross-promotion network is precisely focused on Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps and games. So you can be sure that your app’s advertising space will not be filled with shower gel adverts, etc.
  3. 100% fill rate. AdDuplex helps you to utilize 100% of your ad space. Why is this important? If you are serving paid ads in your application you should know that the average fill rate in mobile ad space could be as low as 10%. This means that you are wasting your ad space 9 times out of 10. Combining paid ads with AdDuplex cross-promotion might become one of the most effective strategies because the fill rate will increase up to 100%. So even when you are not making money from the other ad network you get free promotion for your app.
  4. Global. There are more than 8,500 apps in AdDuplex network with users from all over the world. And that generates more than 30 million ad impressions per day. Therefore your ad will be shown to users from more than 200 countries and it will definitely help you gain access to a wider user base. 

To sum up, AdDuplex cross-promotion network enables you to reach a wider audience of new users from different apps you wouldn’t normally have access to. It is a free win-win solution for Windows Store or Windows Phone developers to effectively promote your apps and acquire more users.

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