Attention! New Challenge for August, 2014 and a Lumia 1520

shutterstock_104760005Special August Challenge

Last month we ran our monthly challenge to win a Nokia Lumia 930. We asked you to name your favorite internet source where you get your daily news about Windows Phone.

In the end WP Central was declared the #1 most popular internet source for Windows Phone news globally as there were more than 4000 responses! You can check the results here.

For this reason we are running our new monthly challenge in collaboration with WP Central to win Nokia Lumia 1520 in August. So you should follow these three simple steps towards getting it:

  1. Install WPCentral app to your Windows Phone and pin it to your start screen (if you haven’t done it yet)
  2. Make a screenshot of your start screen
  3. Tweet it with a hashtag #adduplexWPC

As always your tweets are welcome till the end of this month (August) and after that Lumia 1520 will be given away to it’s new master.

Please note that only properly tagged and publicly accessible pictures will be able to participate in this challenge.


Publish Your App Competition August, 2014

As AdDuplex runs double competitions every month, the second part of August Challenge is precisely for Windows 8 and Windows Phone developers. Lumia 635 and Lumia 630 Dual SIM will be given away to two random developers that will publish their apps through AdDuplex cross-promotion network to advertise them for free. Quite a great deal: more users and a chance to get a new smartphone!

Don’t forget to check the official rules.

Enjoy using WPCentral app everyday. It is a one stop shop to be updated with the latest news, tips, comments, app and game reviews!

127 thoughts on “Attention! New Challenge for August, 2014 and a Lumia 1520

  1. Will the participants be selected for the raffle through Twitter search result for #adduplexWPC hashtag? Or using this comments list? Just because my tweet is not showing in the twitter search. (It’s a known indexing “issue” on twitter.)


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