Best Internet Sources to Follow to Get Daily Windows Phone News

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Last months challenge attracted quite some attention so we got a great view of what are your favorite internet sources to keep up with news about Windows Phone.

We got more than 150 different titles of internet sources from more than 4000 responses. And we are glad to share the list of WP internet sources our blog readers admitted to be the must follow to keep yourself up to date:

Most favorite internet source worldwideWP Central

Here are TOP-5 websites that were declared as great internet sources to get news about Windows Phone:

  1. WP Central
  2. WMPoweruser
  3. The Verge
  4. Engadget
  5. DVLUP

Most influential Twitter account@joebelfiore

Since the challenge got a lot of attention from Brazil, we must note that the most favorite Brazilian internet source is Nokiatividade.

If you haven’t picked up your favorite one then follow them all 🙂

And be sure to follow our blog to find out what August Challenge will be about and what devices we will be giving away to the winners. We will announce it very soon!

P.S. we will announce the winners of Special Challenge of July on Monday (August 4th)

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