Introducing Fidesity – earn more from in-app purchases


AdDuplex is a company focused on helping app developers and publishers succeed from the very first day. And now we are introducing a new product aimed at increasing publisher earnings by providing “satisfaction guarantee” services. Fidesity provides money-back services for in-app purchases to increase user’s trust and satisfaction while eliminating spending fears.

In-app purchases are driving most of the app revenues, but a few bad actors poison the popular perception for everyone else. As a result people are wary of freemium apps and free-to-play games and good developers suffer. Fidesity provides a trust seal and money-back services to eliminate spending fears and help publishers earn more.

Fidesity-enabled apps display a special seal and provide money-back policy on the in-app purchase screens. When a user requests a refund in accordance to the policy, the funds are transferred from publisher’s Fidesity account into the Fidesity wallet of the user. The user can spend these funds in other Fidesity-enabled apps.

Some app ecosystems provide mechanisms for users to get refunds, but these are cumbersome and hostile to the publishers, others have nothing. We believe that money-back guarantee is an essential part of any type of commerce in the 21st century and mobile app and game industry shouldn’t be an exception. Great apps and games will earn more since happy users don’t need refunds and can make purchasing decisions easier. Bad apps just cannot use Fidesity.

Fidesity is cross-platform and will launch on iOS, Android and Windows Phone/Windows. Fidesity wallets are cross-platform too. Meaning that users will be able to get refunds on one platform and use them on the other.

We expect to launch Fidesity later in 2014 and are seeking publishers for the initial launch. Apps that join early will benefit from all the extra exposure via initial publicity. Additionally we will seed the marketplace on the initial launch and the first batch of the apps will benefit the most.

So, if you are in the mobile app and game business do not hesitate and go signup for the closed beta now!

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